Zillow Zestimate to zest or not to zest?

– To zest or not to zest. We’ve all seen the Zillow estimate or Zestimate of what our home’s worth. So the real question is is the juice worth the squeeze? Can you trust it? Hi, I’m Amy Alwell with
Keller Williams Realty. Hate to sound sour, but the answer is no, and let me explain why. They can be grossly inaccurate. It’s a unique algorithm
based on public data. It’s never once stepped foot in your home. So it can’t account
for any unique features or any upgrades you’ve made. For example, say your
neighbor’s home are comparable in terms of square footage and age, but you’ve recently upgraded your kitchen to make it a chef’s dream, but your neighbor’s still
rocking that 1980’s kitchen. Well, Zillow Zestimates for
both your homes will likely be similar because Zillow just
doesn’t have that knowledge. That doesn’t seem fair, right? Zillow even acknowledges
it’s lack of accuracy stating their Zestimates
are only within 5% of the accurate value 50.2% of the time. That’s why if you’re wondering
what your home is worth, it’s important to get a comparative
market analysis or a CMA done on your home and
that’s where I come in. If you’re wondering
what your home is worth, click the link below to
submit your request for a CMA. I just need your name and address. I will have it ready in no time. I’m Amy Alwell. Thanks for watching. (bright music)

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