Woodmont Country Club, Tamarac FL, Red Carpet Preview! Joseph McFarlane Realtor

– All right, good afternoon! We are coming to you live
from Woodmont Country Club. That’s right folks, get your golf clubs, we are on the green right now, getting ready for another Red
Carpet Review, as you can see. Just today, actually, my clients and I, we closed on this home. We have very happy sellers
and very happy buyers, but I would like to add
that my partners and I, when it came time to get
to the negotiation table, we actually saved my client, the buyer, $15,000 off of the asking
price on this beautiful home. So, guys, at the end of the day, if you’re looking to
buy or sell real estate, what you’d like to do is
have an absolute pit bull that goes to the negotiation table, and I’d like for you to
let that pit bull be me. Guys, hit the link below,
myfloridahomepro.com. It’s a free MLS search as
well as a free home valuation, and I’d love to be of service to you. I wish everybody the best
of luck and God bless. (light pop music)

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