Why I Became a Realtor After Divorce

So Rachel you mentioned
that you know after your divorce you know you haven’t
always been a realtor No.
So it was after your divorce. What kind of, you know Well why did you choose
that I guess and I don’t know if I’d
ever asked you that before. I’m not sure if you have.
it’s not ringing a bell. The answer any ways because
I wouldn’t have asked you So I became
a single mom with three kids and I needed to go back
to work full time. But I also needed a career
that would be flexible in order to allow me to work and take care of my kids
who were going through a rough. We were all going through
a rough time at that point. I’d been home for many years
with the kids and needed to find
something a career that I could step into
at that age. And I grew up in Rochester
and have always lived here and it ended up
being a natural fit. I spoke to somebody else
that was a realtor that had been my realtor
for years and asked her
what she thought. She said oh my gosh I think
you’d be fantastic come talk to my broker and I did. He said Go get your license
and come back. And I think it was it was
one of the best decisions that I ever made. It was truly
what I needed something that I’m not sure that I would
have had the confidence in myself
prior to my divorce to do. But my divorce really forced me
into a place of not wanting to be unaware of things
and wanting to learn. One of the most pivotal moments
of my divorce which is what I always think of
when I have women come to me that are in this stage
in their life was soon after we separated
my ex-husband he just moved out of the house. He just left and left me
with the House and the bills and everything else
to deal with. And I remember sitting
on my floor of my bedroom with all of the bills
surrounding me and I had a late fee
for my water bill which I didn’t even know-
your water bills come I think its quarterly
and it was attached to a credit card
that he’d canceled. and by the time I found out
because you don’t get the bills that often they’d already
charged me a late fee. And it just. Brought to my
attention as we talked. You don’t know
what you don’t know. There were so many pieces to it
that I was trying to figure out even you know the difference
between a mortgage and a home
equity line of credit and how that affects buying
your home or selling your home. There were just
so many pieces to it that when I became a realtor and learned
all about those pieces and it became less scary
the more I learned The more you know
the less scary it is. Exactly.
And I realized Wow this really isn’t rocket
science I can figure this out. And so I wanted to make sure that I could share
what I learned with others and make sure that I could
at least in this piece you know I’m not an attorney I’m not an accountant
but real estate and your home is a big piece
that gets affected when you go through a divorce usually one of
the biggest assets that and retirement accounts
are the biggest assets sometimes the home
is the biggest asset. Right. And you’re in this
emotional state and if you make a mistake
and you give away more than you should or agree
to something that you shouldn’t that’s going to have
a drastic effect on your future. Absolutely. You know
that’s why I like to have. My clients pretty much all women ninety five percent
of my clients are women before they sign
on that dotted line. I want to talk to them
because once you sign there’s no going back. You know I’d like to meet
with them as soon as possible even when
they just found out that their husbands
asking for a divorce. They’re thinking
about a divorce. I mean it’s never too late.
I even see people after divorce. But the earlier I see somebody and start informing them
of things that they want to know
you know mentioning some things that they just don’t know
they don’t know. And if they want to learn
about them we go down that path and getting all that information so that they can make informed
decisions and feel empowered. And it’s still going to be
as you know very well an extremely difficult time.
Yes. But when you have support
from friends and family support but then advice
from professionals that know what they’re doing
and can advocate for you. Right. And that’s part
of the biggest piece that you and I have talked about too
is not even recognizing and learning that even amongst
all of the facets of divorce and different types of divorce and different types
of professionals there is a difference
and learning that there are folks that act
as advocates versus those that just act as neutrals and just go through
the process with you but don’t necessarily advocate
for you. That’s a huge difference
in something I didn’t know back at that time that there was an option
and there’s differences.

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