Why Estate Agents over value your property!

hi it’s Joanne here from Essex Property
Angel. Just come out of a meeting with someone who’s looking to sell their
property and we just spent a little bit time explaining a concept to them and I
thought it might be worth just dropping you guys a quick video. When you
initially look to put your property on the market you have the estate agents
come round and they look at the property they give you a valuation on the
property, they know that generally you’re going to be inviting three or four
different estate agents around and they also know that natural human behavior
and psychology is to go with a person that gives them the highest price, so
therefore you will get estate agents value your house generally higher than
the price that you’ll actually sell it for, and the reason they’re doing that is
they simply want your business they want you to sign the contract you want they
want you to put it on the market with them. The best thing for you guys to do
is to actually look at what other sold prices in your area if you want to sell
your property and you want to sell it reasonably quickly
have a look at what an equivalent price, an equivalent property has sold for in
your area and there’s some simple ways that you can do that Land Registry
probably takes a little bit longer but Zoopla has a page where you can look at
sold prices in your area so have a look at that and don’t just believe what
those estate agents tell you I hope that helps.

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