What’s Your Assistant’s 5-Year Vision? // Dan’s Daily Dose #293

– Hey, what’s up, guys? In this daily dose, I wanna
talk a little bit to you about the importance of setting a vision for other people on your team. A lot of people, they make the mistake, then it’s easy to neglect or to be fearful of setting a vision big enough for other people to grow into. But here’s the real deal. If you don’t set a
vision that’s big enough for people to grow into, your
top people are gonna leave when they outgrow the vision
or the path that they are on. So on our team, we’ve created
a lot of new positions. And many times, I’d like to claim this because of some insightful
planning on our part, but a lot of times it has been because of the feedback that we get, and we seek it out, so it’s intentional. But the feedback that we get that’s led to us to make bigger positions. So we’ve had a few agents,
once they’re doing three deals or more a month, they’re
getting buyer agents. Then once they bring
that buyer agent comes on and get up from 36 to 50
year or more deals a year. We create a bigger role for that agent. And their showing agent
gets a bigger role. So now we’ve got one little
mini-team on our team that’s gonna be three people,
maybe four, next year. And look, a lot of people
are scared to create this big vision, but if you don’t do that, your top people are gonna leave. No matter where you are, you need to start thinking about that. Like if it’s just you and
you’re hiring an admin, think about where will
that person be in a year, three years, five years, ’cause
you need to map that out, or talented people will not stay. All right, guys. Hope you enjoyed this content,
hit the thumbs up button. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to do differently or cover in these little daily snippets, I want your feedback,
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