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I’m here with real estate and Boston power
player Chris Prefontaine from smartrealestatecoach.com. Now Chris, there’s a lot of infomercials
out there ads where you can buy these kits so to say right? become a real estate investor, invest in this
course and it’s going to make you money. I think a lot of those people get the kits
and it sits on the desk so do you really need experience to jump into this game of real
estate investing? A kind of dual edged answer here Chris, oh
yes and no. I instead of addressing experience would like
to address their expectations because I’m a realist, if you come to us and you say I’ve
got zero experience and I have some of these students. I want to just set your expectation day one
that you’re not going to be making all kinds of cash in month one and month two even. You might be looking at 120 hundred fifty
days if you’re following everything I teach. If you come to me with experience you’re
an investor so you just been kind of waddling around, you had a little course knowledge,
you got a foundation you’re probably talking 60 to 90 days to start earning something. Again, depending on how aggressive you are. So do you absolutely need experience? NO. I need you to be coachable that’s a big
thing with this coachable meeting set aside wipe the slate clean and all the stuff that
you tried to learn in the past and let’s start with a nice clean slate here and what’s
going on in the trenches because we do this as you know every single day ourselves. Now I can tell you I’ve got a cardiologist
that’s in our program who had no prior experience doing deals. I’ve got a police officer in philly wants
to kind of get out of the rat race of banging down doors and being the cop beat and doing
deals already but then I’ve got a Realtor out in Orlando, Florida that’s doing deals
almost immediately why because A. He is coachable but he had some kind of base knowledge. You know the language the vernacular so you
can do it either ay as long as you’re setting expectations. So it’s interesting is that there’s actually
an opportunity in this for realtors as well. It’s huge because here, I was a realtor
for 18 years so I can talk on both sides of this. If I go in and I’m listing your home or
trying to list your home and you’re over-leveraged or funtionality for some reason it can’t
sell or you don’t want to do a short sale, any reason it can’t sell. I would either throw that listing away you
know walk away or it expired and we have some unhappy people. Now you have options, if you’re a realtor
once you do what we do to buy on terms and help so you’re a hero because now you have
an answer for them and you just created a profit center for yourself. Think about the other side of this coin buyers,
if you’re real to how many buyers do you come across that can’t financing right now. FICO school is being pushed up by banks no
more stated income loans like it used to be so easy. Well those are all those buyers can be put
through a program and eventually get cashed out. Now you’re capturing the entire market instead
of just a realtor, I see all the time and a lot of realtors will send the deals, I can
teach them how to do it, they’ll have to send me the deals. So bottom line is it doesn’t matter what
your current background is. You just need to be coachable, need to be
willing to invest the time to be coached to get it done. There’s an opportunity there for sure. Absolutely, you mentioned the courses let
me just go back to that. I’m knocking any course right is out there’s
millions of course is out there but because we do it in the trenches every single day,
we tend to hold hands and get you to the end results so when someone calls me and say I’m
doing these courses but I’ve never done deal to, that I say “why?” the program should
get you from point A to B not have you wandering out there. And at smartrealestatecoach.com, you have
a real person that’s going to work with you through the whole process. Me. That’s it. That’s for more than anything. More than that thanks Chris and if you’re
looking to get into the real estate investing world and would like to connect with Chris
directly, you can go to smartrealestatecoach.com and remember we have more real estate and
investor tips right here on our page on Real Estate Talk Boston.

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