What are the Closing Costs in Oahu, Hawaii?

What are closing costs and who pays for them? Hi Everyone, I am Fawn Bertram with Homes
by Fawn and Hawaii Life. Have you ever thought how much it’s going
to cost you at closing? Or you may have never given it a second thought
and are completely surprised and owe potentially thousands of dollars when it’s time to close. So what are closing costs? They are the various fees that buyers and
sellers pay at closing. These fees can include but are not limited
to: escrow fees, title fees, loan origination fees, transfer tax, prepaid homeowners fees,
the gamete. And they are typically somewhere around 2.5%
of the purchase price. So whether you are looking to buy or sell
don’t be surprised last minute that these fees will come up and they need to be paid
at closing. Don’t worry though, great lenders, and realtors
will make sure that you are fully prepared ahead of time and that you know your numbers! So if you would like a more detailed list
of the typical fees and how much each one of these are, please reach out any time, I
am happy to help! Please call me or text me. Fawn Bertram with Homes by Fawn and Hawaii
Life. Please comment, LIKE 👍and SHARE 🤗with
anyone you know that might be looking to buy or sell in Oahu! As always, make it a great home buying and
selling day!

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