US Airways 1549 Hudson Landing With Transcript

New York Tracon: “Cactus 1549, turn left heading
2-7-0.” Flight 1549: “Ah, this, uh, Cactus 1539. Hit
birds, we lost thrust in both engines. We’re turning back towards LaGuardia.” New York Tracon: “OK, yeah, you need to return
to Laguardia. Turn left heading of uh, 2-2-0.” Flight 1549: “2-2-0.” New York Tracon: “Tower, stop your departures.
We got an emergency returning.” New York’s LaGuardia airport: “Who is it?” New York Tracon: “It’s 1529, he ah, bird strike.
He lost all engines. He lost the thrust in the engines. He is returning
immediately.” LaGuardia: “Cactus 1529, which engine?” New York Tracon: “He lost thrust in both engines,
he said.” LaGuardia: “Got it.” New York Tracon: “Cactus 1529, if we can get
it to you, do you want to try to land runway 1-3?” Flight 1549: “We’re unable. We may end up
in the Hudson.” New York Tracon: “Jet Link 2760, turn left
0-7-0.” Jet Link 2760: “Left turn, 0-7-0 Jet Link
2760.” New York Tracon: “All right cactus 1549. It’s
going to be a left. Traffic to runway 3-1.” Flight 1549: “Unable.” New York Tracon: “OK, what do you need to
land?” New York Tracon: “Cactus 1549, runway four
is available if you want to make left traffic to runway four.” Flight 1549: “I am not sure if we can make
any runway. Oh, what’s that over to our right? Anything in New Jersey, maybe Teterboro?” New York Tracon: “OK yeah, off to your right
is Teterboro airport.” New York Tracon: “Do you want to try and go
to Teterboro?” Flight 1549: “Yes.” New York Tracon: “Teterboro, uh, Empire actually.
LaGuardia departure got an emergency inbound. Teterboro airport: “Okay, go ahead.” New York Tracon: “Cactus 1529, Over the George
Washington bridge want to go to the airport right now.” Teterboro: “He wants to go to our airport
check. Does he need any assistance?” New York Tracon: “Ah, yes, he, ah, was a bird
strike. Can I get him in for runway one?” Teterboro: “Runway one, that’s good.” New York Tracon: “Cactus 1529, turn right
2-8-0, you can land runway one at Teterboro.” Flight 1549: “We can’t do it.” New York Tracon: “OK, which runway would you
like at Teterboro?” Flight 1549: “We’re gonna be in the Hudson.” New York Tracon: “I’m sorry, say again, Cactus.” New York Tracon: “Jetlink, 2760, contact New
York. O-2-6 point 8. Jet Link 2760: “20-6-8 Jet Link 2760.” New York Tracon: “Cactus, ah, Cactus 1549,
radar contact is lost. You also got Newark airport off your two o’clock and about 7
miles.” New York Tracon: Eagle flight 4718, turn left
heading 2-1-0. Eagle Flight 4718: “2-1-0, um, 4718. I don’t
know, I think he said he was going in the Hudson.” New York Tracon: “Cactus 1529, uh, you still
on?” New York Tracon: “Cactus 1529, if you can,
ah, you got, ah, runway 2-9 available at Newark off your two o’clock and 7 miles.” New York Tracon: “Eagle flight 4718, climb
and maintain one two thousand.” Eagle flight 4718 “OK, 1-2 thousand and, ah,
leaving 5 and 280 heading.” New York Tracon: “And Eagle flight 4718, I”m
sorry, I missed that, say again.” Eagle Flight 4718: “And uh, we’re up to 12,000,
uh, 280 on the heading.” New York Tracon: “OK, thank you Eagle flight
4718, Turn left. 2-2-0.” Eagle Flight 4718 “2-2-0 4718.” Unknown: “Was that cactus up by the Tappan
Zee?” New York Tracon: “Uh, yeah, it was a cactus.
He was just north of the, ah, George Washington Bridge when they had the bird strike.”

100 thoughts on “US Airways 1549 Hudson Landing With Transcript

  1. I'd be panicking if he said about landing in the river- i would've acted a bit more quicker than he, when the pilot didn't reply =S

  2. @LONGBALL3005 Sometimes a plane cannot reply but can still hear ATC. It's prudent to continue giving information until there is confirmation of a downed plane.

  3. The amazing thing is that they are talking with no drama or stress. Their tone in their voice is the same of what us mere mortals would use to call about the the order for coffee. If I was on that flight, I'd get in line to buy the pilots a drink.

  4. @piernic75 i've listened to this many times ……strange that he did not say that….also curious what the origin of the "mayday" term is////anybody know?

  5. @365fg it was kind of an urgent situation… forgive him for being "unprofessional".
    In my opinion i am surprised they were not freaking out a little

  6. @suntanners Besides the stronger fuselage of the Airbus (they hit the water at 3 times the required amount of descend force) and the Ditch Swicht the a/c didn't sink like others have in the past.

  7. How cool can a guy be? He is going in the drink, and very likely will loose his life but calm as if he is watching a tv show. Admirable, absolutely admirable. He was going to run for Senate was it? I wonder if he did make it.

  8. @MG53895

    (This type of aircraft, the a320 can not dump fuel, in fact, most planes can't)) The plane's fuel tank was not full so the plane's weight was far below the max allowed landing weigth. If the weight was above this limit , a runway still would have been best since the landing weight limit is only for structural safety of the wheels/brakes.So a normal landing is pretty much guaranteed. However, the wheels and/or brakes might need to be replaced afterwards due to the heavy impact.

  9. Funny how there are 50000 planes in the world but 10000000000000 pilots and 99999999999999 of them are on youtube. Get a live.

  10. I mean to every story about aviation, a person claiming he is a pilot has his 5 cents to say. I just do not believe that most people claiming to be a pilot on youtube are one and are just trying to get an audience or attention.

  11. This dude Captain Sully is cooler than a fucking fan!! I would have been hysterical…..I would have been like TELL MY MAMA AND MY MAN THAT I LOVE EM..WE GOING DOWNNNN!!. He was calm, cool and collected…that's major SWAGGER!! Sully could have gotten major pussy after this! He the motherfucking man!! lol

  12. Ok….but how do we prevent this from happening again??? I mean, we have nuclear bombs that can cross the atlantic, but then a pack of birds can bring down a million plus dollar machine??!

  13. what's with the atc, he said he was going down into hudson and he still gives him options for runway even after radar contact is lost


  15. I was on this flight in 16B. It was a nightmare. The last 30 seconds felt like an hour. Strange how time slows. There was never really a panic though. We had all just sort of accepted what was going to happen if that makes sense?

  16. The pilot was a hero, but come on, the man is crazy… Tower: "Which one way would you like at teterboro?" The pilot: "We're gonna be at Hudson". Tower: "I'm sorry, say again Cactus" LOL

    The man is a real pro!!!

  17. Which one is it then, 1529 or 1549? They keep using both numbers. At first I thought it was flight number, then some kind of a plane identification. But now I am just confused.

  18. 1:57 – We're gonna be in the Hudson.

    LOL! It's like he's saying:
    Yeah, so… we're landing right here, right now. If you would like to look for us later, umm.. yeah, that's where we're gonna be. Just sayin'…

  19. "We're gonna be in the Hudson" Stone Cold

    You can tell the ATC at LaGuardia starts sounding high-pitched when he realizes there's good chance 1549 isn't gonna make it to a runway and he loses radar contact. But what happens at Teterboro? First, they're immediately cleared for runway 1, then at the end it's like runway 4-x. Is the timespan really that tight?

    Unless something like this happens, being a pilot must be like a walk in the park compared to eing an ATC at heavily trafficed airport.

  20. geez if i was the pilot id be screaming aaah were all gonna die ahhhhhh love you mum please god let me live i promise to be good aaaahhhh were doomed fuk fuk shit bollocks cry scream panic deep breaths wet and shitty pants punch some one in face for trying to get near exit ect ect ect. i guess thats why id never make a pilot

  21. Hey comment critic. , try taking a flight, with you on controls one day, with good working engines and see how calm you are. Loss of thrust in both engines and calm as can be. That is NOT easy to do. Oh and did I mention the worst injury was a broken leg? Enough said. And yes I'm a pilot ( helicopter)

  22. is the controller saying "Cactus 1529" instead of "1549" in the beginning? not that it would matter in this situation, but just to make sure… I'm not a native speaker

    amazing guy, this Sullenberger. he did just EVERYTHING right & had nerves cool as ice. in this situation panic can be deadly, but he wasn't panicking but just cool. my biggest respects

  23. Amazing…the air traffic guy just doesn't want to hear it. Sully is like…we're not going to make it….we're in the Hudson….and he's still giving runway availability 7 miles away.

  24. "Alright, Cactus 1549, it's going to be left traffic to runway three one…"

    The goddamn coolest answer ever.

  25. Well, you would think people would be panicing and screaming or crying, but it is not like that.Obviously everyone was scared, but it was erilly quiet.

  26. How are they a joke? They did all they could. When he said he wanted to turn back they immediately stopped departures and cleared for him. Then they got Teterboro open right way too. The problem is he did not have a lot of air under him to make it anywhere and there was nothing ATC could do.

  27. The worst thing in an emergency is to start flipping.I am a 911 dispatcher and I have been in law enforcement for over 10 years. Weather its someone calling 911 or an officer needing backup or if I responded to the emergency, training kicks in, you are calm because you have to think in order to save lives. You have to be able to act quickly and you can't think or act quickly if your flipping out. After its over is when emotion can be delt with.

  28. Maybe it's me but I hear conflicting flight info: 1529, 1549 and 1539. WTFFFFF??? Those control tower jobs are tough but THAT dude needs to be fired.

  29. Very little. But I do not think it was beccause he did not want people to know. I think they were just super busy. We basicaly got 3 messages regarding the landing and that was it. The first was to inform us we were turning do to a malfunction. The second message was very brief and informed us of what the Captain was planning and the third "brace for impact". What I noticed though was the captains voice was exactly the same as when he gave the temperature. Was creepy.

  30. Yes, Sully is creepily cool. Amazing pilot. Thanks for sharing this very interesting information. Glad you made it out of there!

  31. A hero and experience from military training too. Are all pilots trained to this level? I don't think so. Military training kicks ass!

  32. he sounds really calm… wow! i am impressed… i would be like, HELP HELP, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!! TOWER, TOWER! HELP HELP! heeeelp!

  33. I guess it doesn't make as much sense to us who haven't been there as it makes to you. Glad you guys came out alright. Say, did you have a lot of drag due ot the giant balls of that pilot? 😉

  34. Actually it is very hard to land on water. He did great job. There is a game called "737 Flight Simulator" where you can try to land in real life scenarios like "Smolensk", "Captain Wrona landing without gears" etc.

  35. Wow, that was amazing, you can try to land yourself, check this out

  36. The calmness of everyone evolved it's amazing . I'd be like , you wanna land in the Hudson,,? WTF, is wrong with you!!! Take your ass to Teterboro Airport like I said!!!!

  37. Every time I hear this audio I am amazed at the professionalism of both Capt. Sully and the controller.  Everything had to happen perfectly for this to turn out the way it did and part of that perfection was the decisions made by Sully in taking what was really his only option and executing flawlessly.  The only thing the flight crew forgot to do was hit the "ditch" switch which closes off some valves and ports and prevents water ingress, but considering this whole event took just around three minutes he didn't really have a lot of time to call for a ditching checklist.

  38. I get misty whenever I hear this – misty at the epic bravery and job of everyone involved. The ATC (who doesn't get enough credit) and everyone assisting was amazing, fast and epic in their handling, and of course Captain Sully and his calm control over the issue. Hope one day to buy you guys a drink. You make me proud.

  39. Hint to the tower guy: when a plane is hit by birds, two engines fail and the pilot tells you he can't make it, and then silence, you don't have to give him further directions.

  40. I'm confused. If thrust was lost in both engines how was there any possibility whatsoever that the it could get to any airport at all ?? Presumably there is some emergency back-up on board ??

  41. id like to pay for the controller to have his ears de waxed how many times was he told almost like he not listening

  42. Anyone notice the obvious errors made by Sully and the ATC? Sully says, "This is 1539." ATC repeatedly says, "1529." Why can't they get the flight number right?

    The calmness in their voices is not due to professionalism, but more from a lack of acting skills. This whole thing was a HOAX. Clear as day from bird strike knocking out both engines to fake video of landing to passengers standing on the wings of a perfectly floating undamaged plane. I don't know why they do it, but this is all BS. So obvious it hurts.

  43. God I envy this guy

    Had I been in that situation i would have been like

    WERE GONNA DIE WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. This brings tears to my eyes. Not only is Capt Sullivan a hero, the air traffic controller keeps a level head and does everything he can from a chair to help.

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