32 thoughts on “Turnkey Real Estate: 5 Reasons to Avoid It

  1. Great video! All your points are solid. Number 2 was the biggest. Its not just alittle savings your talking thousands of dollars! And you learn something new so that if you do have to hire a contractor you dont get ripped off because at least you know what the work really costs.
    Flip side though, Clayton, is that if you are coming owner-oc with little money, aka FHA, and turn key is a good way to get in the door, start getting that first passive income and get a feel for small repairs.
    Nice video bud! Like the plug for the friend 😉

  2. Whats the diff between a 60k turn key that i rent for 800 and a 40k house with 20k rehab that i rent for 800? I suppose because you can possibly apraise the reahab to 70 or 80k and get more on your cash out refinance?

  3. Sounds that friend of yours is a tax fraud, you must be living in a property and use as your primary residence for at least two years to get a capital gain exclusion

  4. Turnkey honestly is a waste. If you buy a turnkey property your basically buying a property for what its worth. Your better off just being a acquisition investor then.

  5. Thanks Clayton, I admit, I am this type of landlord. I have the best tenants. I do more to keep them happy. Since I'm still making good money from my property I'm ok with it. Thanks for sharing this video. ♥️

  6. I live in a terrible market for being a landlord. Properties are extremely expensive. And I have very little free time. This is why I am using turn key. I wish I could be hands on but my situation doesn’t allow it.

  7. Hi Mr Morris. I'm About to attempt your strategy to attain financial freedom for my family. I live in the NY NJ Pa area and would love to take you for Coffee to get some ideas if you're available. I will make time based on your availability. I appreciate all your vlogs. Thanks.

  8. Love your channel and your content Clayton… I actually am a turnkey investor here in NJ – Union, Somerset and Essex counties.. I work full time so turnkey works well for me. However I do not buy from turnkey providers if that makes sense… I target, estate sales, divorces, mispriced properties  or happening to be at the right place at the right time. I have really done well. My strategy is similar to yours buy and hold forever and target single families and small multis.. IF you ever are looking for a guest to be on your podcast I'd love the opportunity Clayton!!

  9. Hi Clayton,
    My husband and I took the plunge a year ago and have followed your advise regarding buying and holding. We listen and watch your podcast and YouTube channel and usually take notes . However I cannot find the one where you recommend an insurance carrier out in Dallas Tx. Help! Can you provide me with the episode ? I’m not happy with my insurance carrier and I’m shopping around! Thanks for your anticipated reply .

  10. Trying to figure out if this is totally sincere or a bit facetious. Turnkey is great for the fact that cash flow can happen sooner, but you never see or know the true numbers, to know what it would have cost if you did it yourself. At the very least, if you choose turnkey, DON’T risk the sight unseen route. Pay for an inspection and be present for it, before you close on a mystery box.

  11. I see what you did there, you're indirectly telling us to invest in a turnkey company, by mentioning all the negative aspects of doing it ourselves. It works out perfectly, cuz you run a turnkey company. Good one Clayton, good one!

  12. Once after all the work is done, and you're receiving rents and all you are paying is the mortgage, taxes and insurance- how do you figure your rate of return on the investment? It does not have to be highly accurate ROI,,, just that I spent X dollars and am receiving XX dollars monthly. What is the return on my investment? thank

  13. Wow . I do every one of those reasons. But I have been in construction and cabinetmaking for 34 years. Have a nice little mom and pop rental business.

  14. That's how I be feeling😊😊😊…I don't care if I spent more money…I have a piece of mind. I like to decorate🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️


    I got a heloc on my primary home for $140.000. House is pay off.
    I am planning on creating an LLC and purchasing rental properties under that llc.
    I will be purchasing a rental property for $80.000 "appraised for $120.000."pay for it with my pimary residential heloc, since the rental property will be pay off, I will be putting a heloc on that rental property.
    ….Can I transfer the $80.000 from the rental property into my primary residence heloc and have my primary home free and clear.?

    The rental property $80.000 WITHDRAWAL from heloc will be pay by tenants with $1100 per month rent.

    Any answer will be appreciated.


  16. Hello, I came across your channel while trying to figure out how to find a real estate investor for my house. I want to sell it as is. I've owned the property for 28 years and moved out 2 years ago. I dont have the money or the desire to do the repairs it needs.
    I'm hoping you can give me ideas on how to find someone like yourself that invests in $40,000 properties. Thank you for your time.

  17. I think turnkey rental is my future path. I am busy with work and so I have been watching your youtube channel and the more I watch the more I want to contact your company. However, I will put my house on the market in mid November, as soon as I sell the house, I will call your company right away for trying your company out. It is still soon to call you. I will have my accountant to build a LLC for me.

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