Tools for Picking & Researching a Neighborhood | San Diego Realtor | The Real Estate Jedi™

Let’s talk about picking your neighborhood! If you’re just getting started in your home
search, you’ll want to be familiar with the neighborhood you plan on settling down
in. Something we recommend is to do some research on the areas that interest you. You’ll want
to do some of your own research on the area to make sure you’re confident it’s the
right one for you. One great website we like to use for economic
and crime statistics is Here, you’ll be able to research tons of information
such as the unemployment rates, education expenditures, crime rates, and where the community
ranks in terms of a number of criteria. Another great site to use for researching local school
ratings is where you’ll have access to proficiency ratings and more
for the local schools. Also, if you’re buying a rental property or want to know what the
rental rates in the area are, check out where you can enter an address and research
the rents of the surrounding properties. Another thing we like to recommend is that
you drive through the neighborhood you’re thinking of buying in at different times of
the day including at night. You might even want to head to work early one day and drive
there from the neighborhood you want to buy in to get an idea of the traffic in the area. Now, you’ll have time to conduct more research
on the property and the neighborhood once you’re in escrow on a property as well,
but these tips should help you in determining if a community is right for you ahead of time. I’ll see you in the next video!

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