( Rick Lima) What’s up guys! Going in to see my boy Thomas Goss at HomeSmart Professionals along with Steph Amedee
from Semper Home Loans. (John Lapointe) Should be fun! What are we gonna ask him Rick? (Rick Lima) We’re going to ask
them, um, maybe we should ask them two questions. (John Lapointe) Two questions… (Rick Lima) What is your why? Why does Tommy Boy get up and do it and does
every day and advice for first-time home buyers? Good advice they’re gonna
have for everybody. (John Lapointe) We got know, we got to know! Check it out HomeSmart…. (Tom Goss) Hi, I’m Tom Goss, team leader of The Goss
Team at HomeSmart professionals here in Smithfield, Rhode Island. What makes me get up in the morning and do what I do? There’s so many answers to
that question so I’ll try to summarize it. A, I have a team that depends on me, to
keep the team going and moving and moving forward for all our clients. B, is
just helping the consumer you know I found early on that the consumer is not
really getting the service it needed so I developed the team with solid
processes to help him move through the transaction with the least amount of
pressure. (Stephanie Amedee) Hi, I’m Steph Amedee, I’m from Semper Home Loans. Honestly, you know
this is kind of a tough question because you know my Why has definitely evolved as I’ve been in this industry and when I first started the you know my Why was much different. It was a great schedule and I’m a single mom. It was lucrative and
great but as I got further into the industry I started to really connect
with my clients and whether you’re working for 30 days or two years I treat
you all the same and you know I really enjoy and thoroughly you know I’m happy
being involved in that big process and educating people. It’s never too early to
start and you know it’s really important to talk to the right professionals, it’s
really important to identify what your budget is, it’s really important to
establish you know if there’s anything that’s going to stop you in the future
and just plan it and be involved and it’s never too early to start, call me
and I would love to help. (Tom Goss) I would say hire a professional who has a process, I would
be leery of the professional who does not want to meet you in their office
space and go over the process in great detail. Without a process you’re shooting
from the hip and nobody wants to shoot from the hip. Here at The Goss Team, we
understand that buying and selling can be a very stressful and fearful process
so we’ve developed exclusive processes on our team to alleviate that fear and
unknown so we educate the consumer throughout the process we never want you not to know what’s going on for the next step our team number is 401-450-8377 or you can call me directly, text me at 401-640-6894 and of course there’s always the website – we look forward to hearing from you we’ll talk to you soon!

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