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Because people like people walk in if they’re spending that amount of money per month they want to feel like they’re in a beautiful building And we should have like we should come out with a splash and make it sexy and make it pretty Right, and then we’ve had to be price, right? Right, and we should have that be part of the agenda, too if we don’t want to do the same thing that we’re doing and what we’re Think we’re price right then. We’re not we let the market dictate which isn’t good and they were slow we rented one. You’re welcome I think Yeah, I you’re he’s on vacation we’re walking I Don’t run so worried no Yuri is great. We actually get some exercise. Hello. It’s going on. Is there a man drive? We’ll go up there and see it but all the sheetrock came Capping up the exterior on the upper floors, okay? elevators signed off voices coming down Monday awesome Quick. Yeah expecting Windows Early next year like first week of next year okay, and should have the whole building around clipped by that awesome Russia rocking interior partitions, so Still spring for the model unit. Exactly. Yeah cool. Let’s go upstairs. Then we can work our way down The side side yeah, yeah Big view We stack our Walker Awesome, thanks. Thanks, man. These are killer you get the whole Excuse me It’s nice. How unobstructed this is here you have From United Nations all the way down through the city. It’s very cool. All right, let’s work Right, yeah It’s awesome view cell I Mean listen a buyer if they wanted to if they just want this as is they can do a Beautiful staircase here. That’s like a real spiral not like to kill yourself kind that takes you right up there But then you lose your home office. So Or third bedroom It’s pretty awesome to leave this open though, you’re gonna leave this open. Yeah. It’s just one crack and one stud Yeah, she rocks sandwiches it that’s interesting. So you’re gonna have That’s cool. Quadruple the sound insulation Because you don’t have vibration off the stud Interesting. Why don’t more people do that. It just takes up too much room Yeah, but that’s smart. You see that Cool say hi to the vlog. We do a vlog on YouTube as well. You should check it out So what’s all the renderings our final we’ll start slowly telling people about it right now It’s a little too soon because no one’s in the mood So we want to like maybe January 1st week of Feb and then we don’t want to give people too much lead time Is that first impression so important we’ll just be going to the brokers that we know do deals in the area So all the sales directors for all the buildings up and down Houston Clinton orchard, Rivington So on and so forth, I won’t make it like a nice Exclusive invitation to Houston house. Ok, they can come see it. Alright, and they could talk about it We can do the red ring presentations from our office and then as soon as the model unit is ready We launch it to the world is the way to go amazing. Yeah Thanks to the walk to Head out So, what do you think the facade will be done Before in the January and then everything just gets wrapped up before you We’re looking at mid-february for the song about adapting, you know people to walk through model Receiving at this place is coming down one day they’ll have this like Block of use is a massive sidewalk shed. You got going on air. Yeah It’s like the real deal We are all over the place today, so now we’re back in the office, there’s no Yuri, so I’m not in the car And so a lot less car time right now more office time taxi time subway time the way I used to do it anyway Right now I have a conference call with a seller We’re trying to sell her penthouse on 19th Street, and we have to adjust the price And she’s not gonna want to do it It’s gonna be really really hard and in this market where there’s so much inventory and buyers have so many options and their location ambiguous we have to have tough conversations with our clients all the time and You know, I’m just the broker. I don’t know in the apartment. I didn’t build it I didn’t make the investment into it. I am just the broker So I’m there for my clients to be a sounding board one of the bigger issues I see with most real estate people kind of anyone in general is they dislike confrontation so much that they have no communication It’s like they think that the confrontation is gonna be so difficult that they cut off communication Just because they’re nervous or just because they’re scared so instead of picking up the phone and having a Conversation or texting or sending an email and keeping everything going and keeping that dialogue going To let the client know that we’re there for them all the time and oh shit market sucks. Let’s talk about it They’re too nervous because they don’t want to go through any kind of confrontation or any kind of stressful conversation So these don’t talk and then they’re like, oh, why did I get fired? Why the fuck do you think you got fired because you don’t talk to your clients imagine being married? If you don’t come home every day and tell your wife or your husband that you love them and you just kind of walk around Quietly and don’t say anything. Yeah, you might love them on the inside Yeah, you might be doing nice things for them and working hard for your family But if your partner doesn’t know it because you don’t say it and you don’t show it Then you’re gonna get fired and the same thing goes for clients Dennis you That was long either yeah, it’s been a long time. Yeah, everyone say how to hammer Great. That was great. That was yeah Hamels been busy busy with Serhant Media Group making videos for lots of our projects It’s a busy busy busy. So that stuff’s gonna be exciting to show you all Can you show them like a little quick teaser right now? No, okay. No No, I thought you were gonna thought you’re gonna quickly go. You’re not going to show them anything. No Well, we talked about in the vlog before I’m doing my first large-scale rental building in Harlem called this smile with the bloomenfeld family The Archaean goal says the architect and it’s gonna be completely insane and it’s a different market, you know a couple years ago I probably wouldn’t have taken a rental building but now it’s important to diversify my business across the entire city across all the boroughs and Different types of clientele the smile and the idea with the video and everything that we’re doing For that and the reason we called it the smile is because it’s all about thinking different. It’s all about marketing it differently This isn’t just a rental building in Harlem and hey come see it if the pricing makes sense This is a rental destination. Right? This is about pulling people into our message and getting them excited and When you hear the word smile you smile and you might smell because you’re like wow That’s a ridiculous name for a building and then you think about it and you’ll remember it Promise you and then you look at the building and it actually looks like it’s my face because that’s how they built it It’ll literally a smiley face. Oh We can we just wanted to have kind of an informal conversation with you about the market feedback We’ve gotten right we’ve had a lot of showings a lot of people through we’ve been on the market now for over two months It’s a beautiful penthouse, but it just seems like to us that the market just isn’t there so now it’s Thanksgiving week Thanksgivings on Thursday and historically, we’re gonna go into a much slower time through December and it becomes harder and harder to sell outdoor space but the apartment shows beautifully and We’re all on the same page like we want to sell your apartment for as much as possible We’re literally doing more for your apartment than I think I’m doing for all of my other listings combined Which I don’t know what that says about our others. But listen, there’s a lot of communication with you, right? There’s a lot of showings a lot of events the brunches and all that like we’re going above and beyond like Mike lives there Like it is in our absolute best interest to get this done, but it also has to make sense So I I don’t really know because this is a new marketplace for us where we go from here, you know Like we can’t be there doing open houses all day every day Because the exposure like we talked about before it’s just too much and to be honest, it will kill us We’ve shown your apartment more than we’ve shown any apartment in the history of of I think my career In terms of like time that’s been dedicated into everything because we believe in it right and we want to make you happy and we’re your brokers and you hired us over hiring other people and we don’t want to let You down right? We want to make you happy we want you to be proud of us So we want you to let us sell your other Apartments in the village and work with you on other things and introduce us to other people like you would never do that Which is our whole business model if we don’t succeed on this one with you, but it just seems like the market is is Correcting against us much faster than we anticipated and it’s not just you. It’s everywhere It is it is you’ll see that you’ll see their reports because we we get them the market is Considerably worse than it was in the summer and it considerably worse than it was in the spring and trick the cinnamon we’re not salaried like we don’t eat food unless we sell properties and so it’s been very Difficult and there was a whole article in New York Times this weekend about how the housing market is on the brink of a crash And so you have a lot of people who are very very very nervous. So we either have to get ahead of this or We don’t and yes, there are buyers out there but their bottom fishing and their shopping and they’re trying to see as much as possible and they go around and then they go to new development condominiums and they cut incredible deals at like 20% off because the developers need to move product and pay down their construction loan. Oh No, what we want to find is a buyer that is stretching to make it work, right? That’s what’s going to be important to us right now we’re getting people that can afford a lot more and they’re either buying something less expensive because the price per bedroom is a better deal or They’re going and buying something better. They’re finding an apartment. That’s three and a quarter that they’re getting for 2.5 2.6 It’s kind of you know, listen we we thought when we started that two five was a great price like we Otherwise we wouldn’t have advised you to do it. You know we want to you to make the most amount of money possible I like if I could get you ten million I would but you know, we put it out there There’s no way of knowing and in New York City the way you price property is totally backwards The seller and the broker determine the price not the buyers. So on this price reduction conference call Yeah going on 30 minutes right there That was a journey For sure So no, uri means we’re going in the subway I don’t think we’ve been on the subway on the vlog yet that way really first time So much faster than a car When you’re having a bad day or if you’ve lost a deal or something bad has happened to you You have to do a couple different things, right? The first thing is within 10 seconds Tell me something that bad happened to you last year I’ll listen if you’ve lost someone if someone died sure, but what’s something else something else? Actually what happened to you in March? What happened to you in March that really pissed you off. That was bad, but bad day. Do you have in March? Can you think of it? Probably not right. I’m thinking right now I March I don’t know March kind of feels like April and it kind of all feels like the beginning half of the year Because time is relative that way and your body doesn’t remember pain and That’s evolution Because if your body remembered the pain you would never do anything if you fell off your bike one time You would never get back on your bike because you would instinct serum ember out Your leg would hurt because you scraped your knee and so it’s the same thing that I go through every day There’s bad things all the time and there’s good things all the time, too. I Want you to write down a list if you’re having a really bad day Or if something really really bad happened write a list on the left side write everything. That’s bad happening right now This person said that she did this to me This happened on the right side write down everything good that happened to you today Get a cinnamon roll this morning chasing fucking great right? You got a good call from your mom That was really good the football team won right the whole list And I promise you if you really do it and you really think about it. The positives will always outweigh the negatives always

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