The 5 BEST Landing Spots For EASY Wins + Kills! (Fortnite Chapter 2 Best Drop Spots)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna going over 5 of the best landing/drop spots for Fortnite chapter 2. Since we just got a brand new map, I’m sure
a lot of you guys are struggling to find good drop spots for the beginning of matches, so
hopefully this video will help you out. When I was evaluating the best landing spots,
I considered a variety of different factors including: amount of chests, abundance of
materials in the area, positioning on the map, if it’s near river and boat spawns, potential
map rotations, as well as a variety of other things. And I think of the 5 spots that I picked,
all of them will provide you with really good loot, and you’ll see a good mix of more passive
landings that are better for arena mode/getting wins, as well as some slightly more aggressive
spots that can be used to easily rotate and get a lot of kills on nearby players. So, without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright so the first landing spot in this
video is risky reels. Risky is just west of frenzy farm, and even
though it is risky reels, it’s actually not a named town on the map, which is definitely
a good thing because it leads to less people landing there. Despite the fact that Risky is a very small
and compact area, it actually has a total of 13 chest spawns within the town, as well
as a 14th chest spawn just outside of it. That may not sound like the craziest thing
in the world but trust me, it is. Just to put that in perspective weeping woods
has 11 chests, holly hedges has 14 chests, and slurpy swamp has 18 chests, and those
towns are all 2-3 times bigger than risky, and the chest spawns are way more spread apart. You’ll be seeing a clip on the screen right
now of me looting all 14 chest spawns in risky. The clip is sped up to double the speed and
has a length of roughly a minute and 10 seconds, so in real time it only took under 2 and a
half minutes to loot all 14 chests, which is insanely fast. Another positive is that it’s also a really
great area for material farming. For wood it has a ton of trees, wooden fences,
and even a few wood pallets, and for metal, there’s probably about 20-30 metal cars smack
dab in the middle of the town, that give roughly 40 metal in regular modes in about 5 pickaxe
swings. On top of all that, risky also has a good
amount of floor loot spawns, an upgrade bench, and multiple natural spawning campfires. Now since it’s pretty near the middle of the
map, I’m not gonna pretend that it’s gonna be uncontested every game, but very rarely
will more than 1 or 2 other people land there. The next drop spot is one that that I think
is perfect for a game mode like arena or regular squads where your main goal is placement or
trying to get a win. The area is called camp cod, and it’s a relatively
small island that literally is all the way at the bottom of the map, so it’s not likely
to be over-contested in a lot of games, and that’s why it’s perfect for getting wins. So you’re probably thinking, “oh this is a
small little outskirts island, what’s it gonna have maybe 6 or 7 chests?” Well, it actually has 17 total chest spawns,
which is just insane because that’s more than some of the most populated towns in the entire
game. The reason why I think it’s best as a squads
landing spot, is because if you take a look at the chest map of the area, they’re kinda
spread out a bit, so it’s perfect if you have at least 1 other player to help you loot. The area itself also has a bunch of weird
different sources of wood, brick, and metal so you also shouldn’t really have any problems
getting materials, especially in arena. The downfall of these outskirts areas is usually
that you have to leave them very quickly or else you’ll get stuck running from the storm. But with camp cod, there’s a boat spawn, and
a large river connected to the island that you can take all the way to the middle of
the map without stopping. It has great loot, a good amount of mats,
good fishing spots, and a great rotation option. Our next drop spot is one that is absolutely
perfect if you’re playing either regular or arena solos, and you’re playing for placement/wins. It’s an unnamed POI named “Weather station”
that is located in the snowy mountains in the southeast corner of the map, and it’s
actually directly north of camp cod which was another landing spot on this list. It’s a very small area comprised of only 3
little buildings, located in a pretty wired and outskirts part of the map, so I can’t
imagine you’ll ever be contested if you choose to land here. However for such a small area, it has a very
respectable amount of chests with 9 total. And a huge positive of all 9 chests being
jammed into such a small area, is that they’re incredibly quick to loot, which is super important
whenever you land on the outskirts of the map. The clip of me opening them all at 2 times
speed is about 45-50 seconds long, so that means in real time once I landed it took about
a minute and a half. In terms of materials,there’s actually a solid
amount of metal fences, cars, and walls which is a huge plus since metal is really hard
to get normally, and there’s enough trees in the immediate area to where you should
be fine with that too. The next landing spot I want to cover is the
smallish-island in the middle of the lake at the center of the chapter 2 map. This is another area that’s small enough to
be an unnamed POI, but has a surprising amount of chest spawns with 11 total, and 7 of those
11 are located in 1 single house. Because of that, it’s another area that’s
incredibly quick to loot. The length of the 2x speed clip you’re seeing
is about a minute, which meant in real time it took me 2 minutes to loot 11 chests, which
is definitely pretty efficient. But this area also has a bunch of added bonuses
that not many other landing spots on the map have. Since you’re surrounded by water, there are
multiple boat spawns in the immediate area, and since pretty much every other river in
the game connects to this central area, you can use a boat to quickly rotate to most of
the towns that are anywhere on the entire map. Plus this is probably the best location in
the entire game for fishing. And if you guys haven’t realized the importance
of fishing yet, let me just tell you that you’re missing out. On top of the loot that you’ll get from all
the chest and floor spawns, you can easily walk away with a 4 stack of floppers or 3
stack of slurp fish, and those are without a doubt the best healing items in the game
right now. Since this area is in the middle of the map,
you can expect to be contested a decent amount of the time, but again since its an unnamed
POI, you’ll also have plenty of games where you’re uncontested. Our final drop spot in this video today is
the farmers market officially known as “The Orchard” north of frenzy farms. The things I like about this area are very
similar to the things that I like about risky reels. First off it’s another unnamed POI so odds
are that you’re either going to be uncontested or very lightly contested in the majority
of games you play in. It also has a very nice amount of chests for
a relatively small area with 11 total, so not quite as much as risky, but I think what
some people will prefer about farmers market is that the chests are a little less out in
the open and more inside of buildings, so you can play a bit more tactical if you do
end up getting contested. But what I probably like about this farmers
market, is how versatile the rotations are once you finish looting. If you wanna play aggressive and you’re going
for a higher kill game, you can immediately push and 3rd party fights in frenzy farm,
which is looking like it’s going to be one of the 2 or 3 most populated towns in chapter
2. You’re gonna have such a loot advantage over
the players who landed in frenzy and only got maybe 1-3 chests, so it should be a bunch
of really easy fights to win. But at the same time, if you wanna play a
bit slower and maybe catch people rotating from the outskirts of the map, that’s a viable
option too. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. So far in Fortnite chapter 2 what is your
personal favorite drop spot? And also, do you plan on maybe trying any
of the 5 drop spots that I showcased in this video. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time.

100 thoughts on “The 5 BEST Landing Spots For EASY Wins + Kills! (Fortnite Chapter 2 Best Drop Spots)

  1. i love love love your videos and i always watch them and im subbed and i have been, thank you so much for all the tips

  2. Steamy Stacks is my favourite place on the map. Insane loot and free rotations and it’s not that contested. Only when the bus starts next to it. The middle island is really good too. If I play squad arena I’ll definitely make Camp Cod my go to place

  3. Idk why but i dont like this season that much. Also is it me or evry fortnite youtuber get bot lobbies
    I allways get sweats

  4. what about the lumber mill next to weeping woods theres a good amount of chest you can easily get 999 mats in under a minute and u can push slurpy or weeping for easy kills

  5. BROTHERS, My favorite drop spot strictly for mats and a lil loot is a place I called pallet paradise. Its North west of slurpy swamps. You and a sqaud of 4 can all get to 999 wood.

  6. Why do people these days quote things not from the player but things that people put in the comment section? Lol it’s absolutely wild

  7. The middle island and camp cod is my favorite for places. You can always walk away with shield, tac, tons of fish, ars, and a sniper

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  9. Love dropping risky, then fishing, then salty.

    Though after this video i am sure the 2-4 contested drops will become 4-8. 👍🥳🥳🤘

  10. Does looting chests/ammo boxes/getting kills/assists/fishing spots/ etc get you XP? Or is just a fixed rate you get at the end of the game?

  11. My favorite is Coral Cove! I love the music and it's got a getaway boat. Loads of loot, AND fishing spawns.

  12. I went to that (3. weather station) in solos and I got 2 wins!! I'm for sure going to go back both times I got 6 kills not a lot but a win is a win 😉

  13. Risky has been my spot cause all the chest and hardly any players. Farm around 500 wood and metal stacked with loot mid map easy rotations anywhere and just push wherever the circle is and just play aggressive from there on. Easy wins.

  14. I drop Risky a lot and another plus is the circle trees next to it, it has three chests so if you fuck up the drop you can go there, get the chests and then go back to Risky and clean up.

  15. Definitely going to have to try these out… thanks for your thoughts on this, especially since so many people care more about kills than wins and playing more tactical. And yes I watched to the end.

  16. My favorite dropspot is weeping woods and most of the places you named I land at and all your videos helped thx to u this season I got a total of 6 wins thank you also can i have a battle pass sorry for asking just don't have the Vbucks or money to get would appreciate it love your videos btw they help alot
    Epic name is: xdCrazedManiac47

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  18. I went to risky and there were 6 other people there and I killed 5 of them and them died while rotating to frenzy farm

  19. Lol! I'm old! 46. ​​but I love the new fortnite, I have found exactly the places you mentioned, I land there all the time, depending on if I hunt for kill! or just want to run around before the last ten people are in the last ring. Sincerely, from Sweden

  20. I need help and tips on load out placement for controllers. I’ve been testing with different things. For example, from left to right Shotgun, smg, shield/healing, extra shield/healing or utility, and AR.
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  21. For the new advanced settings:
    using them turns edit mode aim assist on.

    Dont have proof, but just feels like it. So, gronky, pls check….

  22. #1 frenzy farms… (a lot of players, a lot of loot, amazing rotation as you are almost 100% in zone most of the time, lots of time to farm mats, and able to play freely as there aren’t many building /hiding spots to worry about people hiding in.)

  23. Best spot is the wood pallet place West of weeping woods. Then it's a short run to slurpy to get full shield. Great for solos and duos

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  26. Seriously you named each place I land every game! Especially the Farmers Market/Orchard. It is the best place for rotation. I have won many games this season because I land smart and I still get good kill counts. Excellent video.

  27. Could you make a new 'best controller settings' video? The new setting kind of confuse me😅 anyways your videos are always very helpful🤗

  28. Lumber yard is the best poi. Get maxes wood in 1 minute and rotate to slurpy swamp for full shield. Max wood and max shield guaranteed each match.

  29. You're killing me with this video @gronky videos like this need to not be made. You say they are not heavily contested but after this video everything will change 😩

  30. My Favorite Spot for Solo Arena is the Factory near Slurpy Swamp.. Right by the large Dam…
    Usually get like 7 chests out of there

  31. As a sweaty bot, I love Lockie and Sweaty. I like places organized like lucky, prison, and paradise cuz….. I'm a bot and want to be alone…..

  32. I always go Risky. Its always contested but I like that. My loss % here is less that 15%. The rotation can be tricky if the second circle is further south though.

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