Testimonial from Realtor, Catherine Walters, for YouTube Bootcamp

Hi, thinking about starting a YouTube
channel? my name is Catherine Walters and I’m a real estate agent in Scottsdale
Arizona. About a year ago I decided I would like to start a YouTube channel
and I had no idea how complicated it was. There’s so much to it.
So I started seeking out some teachers and I discovered that Sheri Barbara and
her husband offer free YouTube classes called YouTube Bootcamp so excited about learning more, I attended the first one the beginning of this year, this is 2019, and it’s September now, I just got my channel up I just got it going I’m
starting to post videos regularly and they just have to shout out a big THANK
YOU to Sheri and her husband number one for their commitment to helping their students not only with the technical aspects of having a youtube channel but also the psychological and personal journey that everyone ends up taking asyou go down this road Sheri has incredible technical knowledge of every aspect of setting up a YouTube channel and shares it with joy and excitement
I’m so thankful for everything that I have learned
and all of the support that I’ve received so thanks Sheri so if you don’t have time to attend a class and you would prefer to do an online course
I would highly encourage you to sign up for Sheri’s online course where you can
do it in the comfort of your own home This has been an awesome experience and I will continue to attend because of all the information I still learn every week.
This is a journey. Good luck to you on your journey and I hope you take
advantage of this wonderful opportunity to join Sheri and her classes online
this is Catherine Walters. Bye for now.

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