Terrell Hills Real Estate ✔ Diana L. Faulkner REALTOR® ✔

Terrell Hills real estate for the savvy and
cosmopolitan buyer. No visit to Terrell Hills would be complete
without driving down Ivy Lane, as we are doing here. Ivy Lane is known for the estate sized lot
and this part of Ivy Lane is found deep in the heart of Terrell Hills. Few people in Bexar County are even aware that this Hollywood type of glamour residential area exists in San Antonio, much less in Terrell Hills. The normal size of an estate lot in Terrell Hills is between one-half an acre to an acre. However, lot sizes here on this section of
Ivy Lane can be up to 18 acres. In fact, the most expensive piece of residential real estate in Bexar County is located on this street. The value is in the land. If you are looking for an experienced REALTOR who knows not only Terrell Hills real estate, but also knows Ivy Lane, I am happy to assist you. I live on Elizabeth Road and I drive on these roads daily. So, if you are wondering, if your REALTOR
knows Terrell Hills, ask them if they know the names of the folks that live on Ivy Lane. I do. In fact, I know some of them personally. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed this drive. And… peace out.

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