Sydney Runway Closure! Qantas A330 turbulent landing. East / West Runway 25 in heavy wind.

Hi everybody It is Friday 23 November and Sydney Airport
in Australia has been experiencing two days of extremely high winds. This has resulted in the closure of the main
runway and the third runway, leaving the East West Runway as the only one in operation. This situation has caused delays across the
network for domestic and international carriers and has also resulted in some interesting
landings coming in over the ocean on to Runway number 25. This is one of those occasions. I was flying
on a Qantas Airbus A330 from Perth. I’m not going to speak much during this video
so just enjoy the sights and sounds of this arrival and let me what you think at the end
in the comments below. So I am on board QF 574 and we have been put
into holding pattern due to high winds at Sydney that is going to see us land on the
East West Runway.

100 thoughts on “Sydney Runway Closure! Qantas A330 turbulent landing. East / West Runway 25 in heavy wind.

  1. Mate, nice video! But I am going to be that guy and I hope that's OK.

    FYI, in Australia (and all ICAO countries), we don't call it runway twenty five. We call it runway two five.

  2. Good landing despite the turbulent weather .The pilots had a heavier than normal workload with many power setting changes during this approach.

  3. Sydney just copes in ideal conditions. When the wind blows the wrong way it is a basket case.
    Lakes golf course looked nice.

  4. Forgive me for the noob question but what is with the continuous increasing/decreasing of the throttle? Does it just sound more dramatic than it is? The way the throttle increases makes it seem like the plane was about to fall out of the sky. Great video

  5. Bush pilots get very little recognition. Try flying through heavy snow, rain and a challenging terrain. all that and landing in a parking lot in the middle of the Forrest.

  6. Auto throttle was working well to maintain air speed for approaching runway two five eg: runway number compass degrees heading for runway approaches

  7. Flew this year for the first time since 1989, flew to Hervey Bay QLD, loved every minute of it, only problem is when coming in for landing the cabin pressure really gets to me, Least I saw my house in Sth Coogee on this video. Cheers.

  8. Yea it was Windy alright…… But before that there was Dust Storm…… then days later Heavy rains at Sydney……. Whats next????? Anyway, The Pilots know what their Doing…. They Care for their Crews especially their Passengers Wich their Love ones are Waiting.

  9. Is this a rare or rather common occurrence to have such high winds and runway closures for more than a day or more? Saludos, desde Colonia Centro Historico, Puebla, Mexico, DerRobMann sends…

  10. Runway 2. 5. We never say "twenty-five".
    Other than that….well I am a retired airline pilot……OH, I just saw the comment post below me 4 days ago……Oops. Still, gusty winds, especially
    cross-winds, can be challenging BUT? That's why are trained so well. In an effort to redeem myself? I can hear the engines, as the pilot is using the
    thrust levers to control airspeed…very common under such conditions. BTW, this pilot is hand flying, the A/P (autopilot) is really useless in gusty winds.


  12. Runway 16s/34s isn't closed, you will see some aircrafts will use 16R/34L. If a runway is close it will be maked with a "X" on both end of the runway.

  13. Nice video, probably doesn't do it justice. We flew in to Sydney from Auckland on the 23rd, same gusty conditions, same runway. Smooth flight until about 10 minutes from Sydney, then very up/down turbulent, with some side pushes for good measure. We had to slow down and zig-zag a bit to join the queue. Lady next to us used the vomit bag. Landing was not quite level (one wing lifted as we touched) and caused a bit of a bounce, and a "solid" touchdown. Full kudos to the flight crew on all flights landing those days. Once we were on the ground and slowing down, I called out "Again!".

  14. You have to give these pilots respect. They came in wings level in turbulence-which is what any experienced pilot will do, but that's not to say it's all that easy. I'm not the biggest fan of Airbus, but the A330 is a great airliner. This wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Try landing in Salt Lake City with updrafts from the mountains. I was flying on a 737 into SLC and the turbulence was severe. Much worse than this but then again, with great pilots like Qantas' crew, they can make severe turbulence look like a piece of cake! Great video and cudos to the Qantas A330 crew!

  15. I was landing in Sydney on that day on a Singapore airlines Boeing 777 at midday and I had to do a rotating loop around the airport and waited for 1 hour to land

  16. Wonder if the east west runway is long enough for the A380 or 747 ? Yeah the white caps in Botany bay were big, that westerly was strong, would be quite unnerving landing on the other 2 runways , glad they closed them.

  17. I was in the same flight.. It was really turbulent lending.. but you missed the view from the other side.. it was beautiful sydney harbour

  18. Jeez! I enjoyed that. The flexing of the wings, that touchdown on the black stuff, the deployment of the spoliers which always indicates one is home and the music from the engines in flight and thrust reverse makes it an amazing video. Thank u.

  19. So….yeah it looked kinda windy, probably quite uncharacteristic for Sydney. But hey, I live in Wellington, New Zealand and I gotta say…you want turbulence, come over here and see what we've got, mate!!!

  20. Beautiful video done by you bro, keep it. And also we remember to thank our Pilots and Co for their 200% involvement in safety of our lives… Keep it…

  21. In fact yesterday I landed in Sydney on a Qatar Airways Airbus A380 and it was a windy day! But all runways were still open (im pretty sure).

  22. Downwind seems safer. I watched the trees… but it doesn't take too much wind to make things uncomfortable on a plane!

  23. What a neat video…like you said the water looked quite choppy, I bet you were happy when the plane finally landed however,, the pilot did a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing this video.

  24. I'd call that a gentle landing. Try landing at Sydney in the midst of a thunderstorm. Most scared I've ever been in a plane. 1st landing was aborted. 2nd landing was wild and then we had to stay in the plan for 60 minutes due to lightning risk.

  25. Nice video, thanks for posting. A great place to watch the planes coming in when they're landing to the west like this is the Flower Power nursery/garden centre at Mascot. You pass over it in your video at 7:36 just prior to crossing General Holmes Drive. You get quite a good view of them coming straight at you and it makes the visit to a nursery to buy plants somewhat more interesting (Lol!)

  26. Wow! Half a million views 🙌

    Thanks so much everyone for all the love for this video! It was a very interesting landing that’s for sure!

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  27. The A330 is one of modern commercial aviation's greatest failures. Many airlines have crossed over to the A350 or B787 because they are more efficient time-wise. Qantas still flies them because they are a cost-saver, but at least they're made of largely recyclable material so after a few years they can fit in your yellow bin…which is where they should have stayed.

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