STS-129 Landing HD

Brandi Dean/STS-129 Commentator: Commander Charlie Hobaugh pulling up the shuttle’s nose for landing, and as you can see the main gear of Atlantis. Main gear touchdown. Pilot Barry Wilmore pulling the drag chute. Nose gear touchdown. Atlantis now rolling out on runway 33 at Kennedy Space Center, wrapping up a 4,490,138-mile flight to the International Space Station. Charlie Hobaugh/STS-129 Commander: Houston, Atlantis wheelstop. Chris Ferguson/CAPCOM: Roger, wheelstop Atlantis. That was a picture-perfect end to a top-fuel mission to the space station. Everybody, welcome back to Earth — especially you, Nicole. We’ll meet you on Page 5-3, the entry checklist. Charlie Hobaugh/STS-129 Commander: Meet me in the close range, Chris, thanks.

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