Should new agents join a team? | The solo agent is DYING | Questions With Keri 2019

So a lot of new agents are
getting into the business, right? And they always face a question, should I join the team
or should I start solo? What would you suggest? – So, I think that this
is an incredible question and if you’re a new agent
out there and you’re really in a position where
you’re trying to decide, here’s what I would tell you. And this is not because I’m a team leader. You’re not in my market, most of you, and I’m speaking to all of you. The solo agent is dying. It is becoming harder and harder to have traction as a solo agent because you’re competing with Lana’s team, you’re competing with my team, and most people are looking
for a team that offers digital marketing now. They want to know that their listing is going to have broad exposure. And you just telling them that, if you’re doing it on your own, you don’t have the
track record of success. And so, if you are competing, you’re likely going to lose. So lead generation for us, we’re spending hundreds
of thousands of dollars a month on that endeavor. So I think it’s really, really important to figure out who would
be in culture for you. If you join the wrong team, that’s going to be like acid on your soul. – Absolutely.
– Right? So, – Just like if you join
the wrong brokerage. – Absolutely. Yes. So, I think it’s important that
you have cultural alignment with anyone that you work with. But, I don’t think you
can afford to have the same lead generation
strategies and tactics and even the same
success in selling houses without the support of a group. You just simply cannot
service your clients as well on your own.

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