Should My First Home Be A Condo? | Arlington VA Real Estate Agent | Keri Shull Team

Hi I’m Keri Shull! Today I want to talk about
if buying a condo for your first home is a good idea. A lot of people wonder that they
are afraid of the condo fees. We’ve done some videos on condo fees before, but one thing
to consider…if you are buying your first home and you buy a single family, and the
roof has a structure defect or something goes wrong – you are responsible for that. If you’re
buying into a condo, sometimes the way to look at a condo fee is it’s putting money
into the bank if something goes wrong, the entire building divides that cost. So for
some people, condo fees actually make the buying process a little less intimidating
and they are able to know the only things they are responsible for are inside the walls
of their unit. And the condo fee covers everything else. So I hope that’s helpful and you have
a great day! We’ll be back with you soon!

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