Sell Your Home: 7 Warning Signs of a Bad Agent Part 1 – “Buying Your Listing”

The process of hiring a real estate
agent sucks! So most busy homeowners only interview one or two agents and end up
hiring the one that makes them least want to throw up. But you just want to
sell your house…here are 7 Warning Signs of a Bad Agent and how to avoid them. Here in Loudoun County Virginia and in many parts of the country real estate agent fees can easily exceed
$30,000 and that covers both sides the buyers and the sellers but that’s money
that comes right out of your pocket. The seller’s pocket. So with so much on the line don’t just hire the first warm body that
comes into the door with a flashy presentation and a long list of promises.
Stay tuned to the end of this video where you can get my free Ultimate Survival Guide for Hiring Agents. The agent trying to buy your listing. Now
this is a bit of an insider term but essentially this means that the agent is
trying to artificially inflate their recommended price in order to make
themselves stand out against their competition. It makes you believe that
this agent is the only one who can get that price. Well that’s not always the
case and in fact it’s usually not. They’re trying to get the business
trying to get you to sign on the dotted line. So you agree to that price and they are probably gonna come back to you later on a start beating you up when the home
doesn’t sell. Because we understand that how price and value works in an open
market. Price is established by you and the agent. But value is established by
the buyers. Now if price far exceeds value they’re not going to buy. It’s just that simple. You have literally price yourself completely out of the market. And that’s a situation
that you don’t want to be in, especially starting off. An overpriced home actually
cost you money. It definitely cost you time. And it will
probably cause you a lot of frustration once the time frame that you had in mind
about when your home was gonna sell is completely busted…..Do not hire an
agent that tries to buy your listing. Because the only one who loses his you
and you could lose big! Finding a real estate agent can feel like being stranded on a glacier. Everything starts to look the same and the fear of the
unknown becomes paralyzing. I put together my FREE Ultimate Survival Guide for Hiring an Agent. Now this will work for anybody, anywhere, at any time. But in this Guide, you get not only the 7 Warning Signs that we talked about here but you’ll
also get 21 interview questions that you’re not going to find anyplace else.
These are not the interview questions that your real estate agent has told you
to ask and has prepared for their entire careers. These are interview questions that are
taken from the best in the business: (HR) human resources departments and
hiring managers from the best companies and the best employment agencies around
the world. If you want to be the CEO of your real estate transaction, if you want to take control, take charge of the entire process, then get that Guide right here. Thank you so much for watching and we
will see you next time… Uhhh let’s try that one again… The most important question….pow! (forgot what to say) [muttering nonsense] It’s your home, it’s your money…. hire only the best.

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