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We will see how to download SBI home loan provisional and last year certificates online To change the language of this text, click the above link There is option for downloading the SBI educational loan certificate too. The certificate is of the period April to March financial year The certificate contains principal amount paid as well as the interest paid for financial year Please click here and subscribe to our channel>>>>>You can use this for your 80C tax benifit as well as the tax benefit for the interested paid up to 2Lakhs Please click here and subscribe to our channel>>>>This procedure can be done from PC, laptop, tablet or mobile of any kind The process is completely online and no need to visit the home branch of SBI. It is done through ‘’ web site You should have online credentials for your SBI account Open a google search page and give ‘onlinesbi’ Open the first link ‘’ Click on the ‘LOGIN’ under personal banking Enter your username and password and CAPTCHA shown This username/password will be provided by bank when you enable online transaction with SBI Bank will give you the kit including your credentials when requested. Once in home page, it shows all your existing account details including savings/current/loan/deposit Click on the 3line icon on top left side Click on the 3line icon on top left side Clikc on ‘e-services’ Click on ‘e-certificates’ Click on ‘Home Loan Int. Cert (Prov)’ Scroll down to see other options You can get ‘Interest certificate’ if you have fixed deposit To get education loan certificate click this Home loan has 2 options listed here For current financial year click the ‘Home loan Cert(Prov)’ option For last year certificate click ‘Home Loan Int. Cert’ Let us click on ‘Home Loan Int. Cert’ Now select your Account for the loan You should click on ‘OD Account’ type. You should click on ‘OD Account’ type. You can see the certificate here It says Home Loan Int Certificate (For last year) The principal amount and interest are shown Since you have selected the ‘Home Loan Cert’ the period shows the last financial year Period is clearly shown April – March previous financial year Now we are seeing the home loan certificate for previous year That is if you had selected Home loan certificate, the date will be of last year. Verify your principal as well as interest amount paid You can download this certificate in PDF format You can download this certificate in PDF format This certificate clearly says you have repaid the loan amount of so and so That means you have already paid it It also shows you the interest rate you were charged Now come back to ‘Home’ screen Come again on the ‘Certificates’ screen This time select the ‘Home Loan Int. Cert (Prov) This is the option for current financial year Since it is for upcoming period, called provisional Because it is till March 31 of current financial year This can be used for your tax benefits For example if you are looking for 2020 home loan certificate it says till march 2020 Since it is not yet march of 2020 the certificate says it is provisional That is you have not yet completely paid the interest and principal component for current year But for companies tax benefit this certificate will do since it is the predicted payment from you This will do for your 80C and up to 2L benefit on interest amount you paid Since companies ask you to submit before reaching March 31 of current year… You are obviously going to get a provisional certificate and not the completely paid certificate Completely paid will do only for last year which we have shown you already In this case it is ‘expected to pay amounts’ both interest and principal amount Now click on the highlighted option Home Loan Int. Cert (Prov) Scroll down and select ‘OD Account’ and click on ‘Submit’ button This also says as ‘Home Loan Interest Certificate’ Scroll down you can see the amount details Also the date of sanction details The period shown is current financial year The certificate has 2 components 1. Actual Payment which already paid
2. Expected Repayment which will be paid Also the certificate shows principal amount and interest amount both can be shown for tax benifits interested up to 2 Lakh will have tax deduction as of now principle amount can be claimed as part of 80C deduction Take a print out of this certificate from below option You dont need any manual seal or sign on this certificate That is mentioned clearly at the bottom The bank and loan details are clearly mentioned on the top Please click here to subscribe to channel >>>>No seal and signature from bank required Please click here to subscribe to channel >>>>If you liked this video kindly press the LIKE button below There are other videos for your corresponding states in India Thank you for watching and subscribing

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