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I’ve been a real estate
agent for 14 years. I’ve sold more than $50
million worth of properties. I have so many designations, I can’t even remember what they all are. I’m a GRI, a military residential
relocation specialist, a PDQ 247, a 35947 ABQ. (rapid fire chattering) Hello, yes. No I need for you to… Oh! I’ll call you back. Aren’t you impressed by my fancy suit? Aren’t you impressed when I drive up in my luxury European SUV? (upbeat music) Doesn’t all of this just
make you wanna hire me to sell your house? (disc scratching) No, it doesn’t, because this channel
should be all about you, not all about me. On this channel, you’ll
learn relocation tips, all about moving to Savannah, various neighborhoods, and things you can do to
sell your house faster and for more money because let’s face it, that’s what you want. Our goal is to make you
a real estate expert too. So watch, comment, laugh, and subscribe. (light music) – Hey, I’m Dawn. – I’m Nicole. – And I’m Karin. – [All] And we are Georgia Coast Homes. (groovy music)

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