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Being a realtor in San Diego, in December. What is a like? I figured instead of explaining it, I’d show it to you I bet you anything you noticed the oscillating transparency file thtat was in today’s introduction, down in the corner Let’s go into the editing area and we’re going to talk about the value of that, and at the end of the video I think we’re going give a couple of them away, customized just for you. The reason that I created this file was I wanted to be able to communicate to buyers and sellers & my Realtor peers in a silent manner, while at the same time, I was delivering another message. That I post in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, along with other platforms. This just allows me to communicate that, without saying a word. There’s real power in that! The program that I utilized to manufacture this transparency file was Adobe After Effects CC Inside that program. There is an effect called CC sphere you can take a flat dimensional JPEG file and turn it into a spherical object with inside that system, with just merely the click of a button. To me one of the beauties of a AVI or a transparency file, is a it can be utilized over and over again. I built one of these with the Equal Opportunity housing symbol, and not only have I used it, but I have shared this and given it away to my peers to be utilized anywhere in the United States. Now this particular file was very complex a motion graphic artist generally makes at least fifty dollars an hour if not more for any project. But I’m going to take two of these and give them away even if they have to be customized, say with a logo or if you don’t utilize YouTube, and I need to change out the logos. I’ll do that for you the details of how we’re going to do that will be at the end of the video As they say in business time is money And I have five hours invested in making this so I had to think of ways to leverage it. I jumped right outside of the box. I took and made seven second presentations to put in Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Let me show you that seven seconds A Few years back my peers bestowed upon me the honor Realtor of the Year for that reason in my transparency file I have used the realtor of the Year badge. Let me show you the version with the standard realtor logo. Avi files transparencies, this is all really exciting stuff the products that we’re going to be able to offer sellers It’s real marketing. If you want to know more about After Effects, I’m going to highly recommend Maxwell Ridgeway. I’ve mentioned his name before he’s a preeminent motion graphics artist, who teaches people how to do this on YouTube he’s got a pretty good sized following. Now if you don’t want to do this you could probably contact Maxwell and ask him if he could do something like this for you. If you’re a California Realtor, the rules , it is my understanding January first you better have your license number on all your social media including YouTube. So you could have a transparency file made that you could drop into literally any one of your videos, and you’re you’re in compliance! Don’t want to pay a fine to the Department of real estate! The easiest way to enter the contest for one of the two custom avi files, is to subscribe here at the channel if you’re already a subscriber, you’re already entered or You can send me an email to the address. That will be featured at the end of this episode As I’ve said before and I will say again, you are a REALTOR you can do anything!

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  1. Great video and information. The things that you do are do cool looking.

  2. George Kenner Is there any way we can collaborate on a few projects? I really enjoy your content and look forward to your future ones!

  3. I used the equal opportunity one from you George. Thanks for your give aways! You’re awesome and happy to call you my friend.

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