Sam Seder BENEFITING from Intellectual Property “Theft”

let’s go to the phones which are functioning
a little bit weirdly today. Let’s try to start with someone I didn’t get
to last time. Ronald Reagan calling it Ronald. What’s going on? Okay. Hey David, how’s it going? Good. How are you? Good. Um, you may remember, I know you don’t like
to get into online progressive drama, but I was a few months ago, I brought up that
you had somewhat copied the Sam Cedar majority report set and the, the accusation was that
you were trying to coast stuff, you know, Sam’s a whatever is a intellectual property. Right. That was the, the idea. But I just want to let you know, I had it
sort of, you know, the usual suspects. Are you familiar with this film? Yes, I am. [inaudible] yeah. And you know how at the end that detective
sort of looks around, um, his, his office and he realizes, uh, he, he’s had everything
all wrong this whole time. And I had a moment like that, uh, the other
day when I was listening to Sam’s show and a caller called in and said that, um, she
was new to his show and he asked, how, how did you come to find out about the show? And she said that she’d first started by listening
to you and, and that, um, you know, in the YouTube recommendations or whatever, she actually
clicked over to Sam’s show. So it could be, um, it sounds like, to me
from the evidence that actually Sam was trying to get you to adopt, uh, his intellectual
property to create confusion amongst your audience, uh, so that your audience would,
uh, leak over into his a struggling podcast. I think. I think that’s spot on. In fact, I think that probably 80 or 90% of
Sam’s audience is people thinking that I’ve allowed someone else to use my studio. I think you’re making an incredibly astute
assessment here. Yeah. And it’s a, you know, you’re a smart guy,
but it’s sad that you got tricked into doing that, uh, by saying, yeah, but, um, but that’s
OK. you know, I think that you’re doing all right. I did want to ask you, um, because all jokes
aside, I really like your clips on YouTube and I find myself, you know, just sort of
having the mind, I don’t know anything about like, uh, your scheduling or like when you
do your show, um, how often it is. Um, and so I, I wish you would give somebody
like me who’s kinda new to, uh, to your show a rundown of exactly what you have to offer. Right? So we do, we do five episodes a week, Monday
to Friday. We, uh, film it in the early afternoon and
then we start clipping it up doing a podcast version and all of this stuff starts going
out. I’ll out around three 30 or 4:00 PM Eastern
time each weekday and then, so, you know, we’ll publish clips to YouTube from that day’s
show that day. We’ll hold a couple for the weekends so that
we have stuff publishing each day of the week. And then our radio and TV affiliates and satellite
TV run the show anywhere from like 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern time that day from what
we filmed earlier in the afternoon. I see. And what is your preferred way of, uh, you
know, people supporting the show? Is there a, you know, a Patriot or they need
to go to your website? We have a Patrion but as people may know,
Patrion takes five to 9% depending on certain factors that are boring to get into. So the way for the majority of the money to
get to us is the website memberships cause we just pay 2.9% for swiping credit cards
and then otherwise we get the rest. So that’s where we keep the most money when
people go to our website. Alright. Alright. Thanks dude. All right, Ronald Reagan, great to hear from
you. Always good. We will be updating your, a rating in the
color system cause you were clear, concise and direct, uh, during today’s phone call. I appreciate that.

100 thoughts on “Sam Seder BENEFITING from Intellectual Property “Theft”

  1. I can't watch Sam with all the obnoxious fake laughing and hack jokes. I agree with all his positions for the most part, but his show is insufferable.

  2. Great to hear David will be updating his database rating of the caller. Very solid call indeed… deserves no less than a 9.1/13

  3. I enjoy both shows and a silly dispute about the set is just a distraction. So far it is the only thing that has turned me away from either show.

  4. Hey David, I have to subscribe to your channel every time I watch your videos. YouTube is unsubscribing me automatically. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

  5. I love how you plug your show and ways to support it with the absolute thinnest veneer of "unscripted banter" as possible. I know it probably seems like I'm being sarcastic but I'm not.

  6. Oh this is just too damn funny..thank you David and Ronald Ray Gun for lightening things up a bit..In these horrible times we live in with that IDIOT in the Whitehouse we could all use some humor in our lives..btw David, I think you should be ashamed of yourself for ripping off my other hero, Sam The Man Seder. That's all I have to say..Good day to you sir. 👍☺

  7. all I can say is, I tried to watch Seder's videos, but I can't stand him. He speaks like a preacher during a sermon at the church, speaking very slowly with long pauses, he takes minutes just to complete a sentence

  8. I don't ordinarily take my evidence from people called Ronald Reagan, but I get the impression that he's just an old country lawyer. And that he's making an unbiased common sense observation. So, yeah… whatever it was. All that stuff. Guilty.

  9. David – Are you going to criticize HRC for her bogus, right-wing, McCarthyite smear of Tulsi Gabbard? I hope so. And I hope you will call for Sanders to do the same. He loses all credibility on foreign policy if he does not.

  10. Billions of dollars have gone into this endorsement of David Pakman by Ronald Raygun in an attempt to distract from todays Bernies endorsements

  11. Tim Pool has a long discussion with Sam Seder (Friday) about the impeachment. I found myself agreeing with Pool slightly, but it turned into a real debate. (Maybe Giuliani has committed a felony — you could look into that.)

  12. Hmm idk about this. Ronald Raygun kinda seems like Majority Report intellectual property. Who’s next? John from San Antone? Kowalski from Nebraska? Then you add some kind of Fun Segment to the show?

  13. Wow I too have been confused over this, I thought that like on tuesday and Thursday it was sam seders show and on MWF it is the David Packman show!

  14. It just so happens that all of the YouTube news sources that I follow are channels that Joe Rogan brought me to.

    Well . . . other than Sam that I found as a result of Joe mentioning his name once & Sam making a video convinced that Rogan was only pretending not to remember him while claiming that his audience was all alt-right. Lol

  15. I actually find it very difficult listening to Sam Seder he is VERY BORING and I can’t stand it… don’t watch him at all.. I come to David Packman for interesting and relevant information.

  16. I can't wait for Sam's response to David's response to Sam's response to Ronald Raygun's response to David's response to Ronald's response to David's alleged intellectual property theft

  17. seeing the discussion between Sam Seder and Tim Pool i have to say this guy has pretty insane ideas basically believing in open borders, unlimited migration, free health care for ANYONE and race based discrimination… if this guy is the "future" of the left – good luck

  18. I prefer TDPS. There's something to be said for news that's direct and concise with no excess filler. I don't blame him for expecting the same from his callers.

  19. i wonder what happened to ron reagan, the president's son. he used to have a progressive show on radio and was very good

  20. Great video, very informative, didn't know you guys clipped right away I thought I was missing a live feed every day, but my only criticism is why couldn't this video be 1 second shorter? Sad.

  21. Is this "Not Even A Show" trying to bait David? I like their content, especially when Sam has brought them up, but David is too dry to get a reaction worth playing on "Not Even A Show."

  22. I seem to remember a Mel Brooks produced TV show that had this dialogue:
    "Get the ray gun."
    Everyone else yells "NOT THE RONALD RAY GUN?"

  23. Pakman is the one I trust more though; I haven't seen him collaborate with RT News

    Farron and Sam are great but I don't like their proximity to a literal Russian propaganda network.

  24. 2:11 – what word is that? Estude? I'm a writer so I try to look up any word I come across that I'm not familiar with. Looked up my guesses on Google but to no avail.

  25. This is a witch hunt. Didn't steal anything. Yes, there was stealing, but stealing intellectual property from each other is ok, we do it all the time, it's just how business is done here. By the way both China, Africa and 3 other Mexican countries should look closely at who this Chris Raygun guy is, there's probably corruption involved.

  26. wait a second, is there a liberal youtuber backdrop you can buy on amazon or something? i never noticed this until now (being that I don't watch sam.)

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