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This will be the day we’ve waited for This will be the day we open up the door I don’t want to hear your absolution Hope you’re ready for a revolution Welcome to a world of new solutions Welcome to a world of bloody evolution In time your heart will open minds A story will be told And victory is in a simple soul *pleasant music* (Ruby) Birdy no! *gunshots* *Scythe noises* *explosion in the distance* (Yang) Woohoo! (Yang) Ahaha, Yeah! Ali oop! *laughing* (Yang) Woohoo! (Yang) *grunts* Nailed it! *Jaune screaming* (Jaune) Thank you! (Pyrrha) I’m sorry! *thud* (Ruby) Gotta find Yang. Gotta find Yang gotta find Yang gotta fiiiind… Yaaaang! (Ruby) Yaaaang! (Ruby) Ugh this is bad, this is really bad! (Ruby) What if I can’t find her? What if someone finds her first? (Ruby) There’s always Jaune… he’s nice. He’s funny! (Ruby) I don’t think he’s very good in a fight, though. (Ruby) Oh! What about Blake? So mysterious, so calm. (Ruby) Plus she like books! (Ruby) Well, then again, I’m not sure I’d be able to hold a conversation with her. (Ruby) Ugh! Okay… who else do I know in this school? (Ruby) There’s Yang, Jaune, Blake, and… (Ruby) Wait! Where are you going? (Ruby) We’re supposed to be teammates… *leaves rustling* (Weiss) Ow! Ugh. *leaves rustling* (Weiss) Phew! (Jaune) *mumbling Ugh come on you stupid urg… come on agh (Jaune) *laughs nervously* (Weiss) By no means does this make us friends. (Ruby) You came back! (Jaune) Hey, wait! Come back! Who’s gonna get me down from here? (Pyrrha) Jaune? (Pyrrha) Do you… have any spots left on your team? (Jaune) Very funny. (Ruby) What’s the hurry? (Weiss) I will not let my mission be delayed because you’re too slow. (Weiss) I swear, if I get a bad grade because of your- What the? (Ruby) I’m not slow see? You don’t have to worry about me! (Weiss) When did…? (Ruby) Weiss, just because I don’t exactly know how to deal with people doesn’t mean I don’t know how to deal with monsters. (Ruby You’re about to see a whole different side of me today, Weiss! (Ruby) And after it’s all over, you’re gonna be like “Wow! That Ruby girl is really really cool… and I want to be her friend.” (Weiss) You may be fast, but you still excel at wasting time! *leaves rustling* (Weiss) Ruby? *leaves rustling* (Weiss) …Ruby? *growling* (Weiss) Ruby! *Grimm roars*

100 thoughts on “RWBY Chapter 5: The First Step, Part 2 | Rooster Teeth

  1. Bird: Tweet…Tweet…Twee- Smack
    Ruby: BIRDY NO!!
    Me: Rip Birdy..
    Also don't wait to get a prince charming..for all we know he's up in a tree somewhere…
    But Weiss Either Jaune Or Ruby..
    Weiss: Picks Ruby By no means does this make us friends
    Me: Surrreeee it doesn't….
    And for all wondering how Nora landed………ask the Ursa….

  2. Birdy nooooo! I know why ruby said that, because the bird is uncle grow. What I love rwby so much that I always repeat after I finish the enter thing, from chapter 1 to 5

  3. 3:05: music plays in the bg as phyra and jaune make eye contact me in 2013: aw what a pretty song!
    Me in 2018: uncontrolled sobbing goddamnit this song!




  5. That was the most funniest start of this episode: a bird flies by Ruby zoomed by and hit the bird Ruby: Birdy nooooo!!!

  6. pyrra: throws a big long sword at john
    jhon: THANK YOU
    me:wow pyrra saved johns life
    imadgine john dying on his first mission, he didnt even go signal

  7. Rewatching this just makes me cry even more cuz rooster teeth actually put forever fall wayyyy before volume 6🤧💞

  8. Wow! At 2:14 , before Ruby sees Weiss, you can hear Mirror Mirror if you listen closely! The music is really giving us hints!

  9. Wait… So if they were to really follow the rules… Then Pyrrah, Jaune, Ruby, and Weiss would have been a team. Team uh… RJWP… RJPW… JRPW… JRWP… PWJR…WAIT. DUDE. TEAM POWER RANGER!! PWRJ!!

  10. 3:18 That’s a look that says “sometime between now and graduation, I’m gonna tap that.”
    Little did she know…

  11. Im going yhrough the first couple seasons did i hesr forever fall just the start when phyra asked jaune if he had room on his team.

  12. 3:35 just stop and remember that this is probably the closest Weiss has ever come to a hug in her entire life so far.

  13. Ever notice how, even though Ruby initially seems to vocally despise Weiss, as soon as they're stuck being partners she sincerely attempts to befriend her and get on Weiss' good side?

    What I'm saying is Ruby is the goodest girl.

  14. They should have titled this episode RWY because Blake isn’t in this episode at all. The only time they show her is in Ruby’s though bubble


    I just realised when Pyrrha finds Jaune again, you know when he is pinned to a tree and Pyrrha comes back to get him. Forever fall is playing in the background, and I am crying-

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