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So Stephanie, she worked with us on
buying a home and she worked with us on selling our home. So we were in a in a
house we knew we wanted to buy before we sold. That’s what we thought we wanted
was move-in-ready, but then every move-in-ready home that we saw was just
too cookie-cutter. So we dragged Stephanie to probably 20
to 25 different houses until we ended up with the fixer-upper.
You know she would scope things out, she always was looking for what fit what we
told her we wanted. I will say she was extremely patient, and that out of
all the homes that she showed us that we dragged her to, there were a few
that we dragged her to multiple times. But she was patient through it all, she was
more than happy to go three times. Do whatever it took to make us comfortable
and ultimately that’s what I needed, because that was my deciding factor. And
it’s funny though because, I mean like, when you would show me a house it…on
paper, it checked all the boxes. Here’s what we want, it
checks all the boxes. But it it wasn’t us. It was cookie cutter, it
wasn’t us, and so as a realtor I would think she… that would have to frustrate
the heck out of her because she’s showing me exactly what we asked for, but it’s not what we wanted. And she never got frustrated. Just all
along she just kept… with a smile on her face, “let’s just go the next, if this
isn’t it let’s go the next one.” Yeah, I think she… I think she in talking through
the house that we had, that we were selling, that we were moving out of, and
the house prior to that, both of those were homes that we did a lot of work on.
We made them our own and she knew that, and probably deep down realized that’s
really, where we’re going… but we need to get there. And she was very good at
advising us on what might be a little bit too much for us to take on, what was
some of the red flags that when you’re… when you’re looking at a home and you
start to envision what it’s going to look like and what it could be, you miss some of those
red flags, and need somebody to bring it back down to earth a little bit. So
definitely not in it for her… definitely for what’s best for us. It’s
funny because when we were looking at houses we had our budget, here’s our top
dollar… here’s what we’re gonna look at. And then every now and then I would
find something above that budget and she’d kind of rein me in a little bit. Like, “Is
that really what you want to be looking at? You know do you want to look do you
want to go… because this is the number that you gave me and what you’re saying
you want to look at is a little bit more.” So she was good at kind of
reminding us that where we were comfortable, and what was negotiable. You
know there are some homes obviously you can look at that are a little bit more that
are priced a little bit higher, but not at the correct value. So she would call
some market analysis and see is this priced fairly or is there some wiggle
room that we can work with and get this down to our price point?
No she never never pressured us, ever. Not once… not once. And I always felt like she
was definitely… she had our back the whole time. It was never about her, it was
never about commission, it was always about what’s the best fit for us. And
found our dream home, and she negotiated a good price for us and got in right
away. I think it was the first day on the market. And got us… got us a good price
and we locked it down quickly, and it was really good location. And she was
good about pulling up the market, and understanding that neighborhood, the
potential for that neighborhood that we wouldn’t loose money if we started to
remodel or flip a home. I say flip a home but we live in it… but to get our money
back in that neighborhood. It was a good neighborhood… that she let us know what
we were getting into as far as the cosmetic updates, but… also looked at what
our end goal is, and what the potential that home is for getting out
of it someday. The neighborhood has really come up in the short time that
we’ve been there. We feel confident that… in fact we just had it appraised,
to do a refinance, and it appraised… we were hoping to get… we had a number in mind that we
were hoping, and we got well above that. So that was good, even without the
finishing touches done. And then we worked at selling our house… in the
middle of winter. So that was a bit of a chore for her, because we’re in the
height of the snow blowing, and not everybody wants to be buying a house, and
that’s when we’re trying to sell a house. And we’re definitely wanting to sell at
the time and not have two payments. But she worked hard she took some really
great photos of our home, made it look better than it probably did in real life!
And had open houses every weekend… and I think she had a realtor open house if I recall, to kind of kick it all off. She went through our house with us
initially, to kind of touch on some things that we might want to change out
or update or tweak a little bit here and there to make it show better. Took the
fantastic photos and then worked hard and had it sold within, I
think, 20 days… there abouts in the middle of winter. So we were very happy with
that, and we were happy with the price that we got. We kind of knew where we
would fall, and Stephanie, when she did our market analysis, I mean she was right
there where we thought it would be. You know, of course as a seller, you always
want top dollar, and your maybe prone to maybe wanting to price it maybe ten
thousand dollars more than it should be. But she talked through that, and what
are we… what’s your objective here? Is your objective to get top dollar and
and wait, you know for weeks and weeks, or is your objective to sell it fast and price it fairly, and get possibly multiple offers? And after talking
that through we knew because of the two market situation we need to price it
fairly. So after my great experience, there’s no better referral, in my opinion,
than to have her work with my parents. So I have referred her to my parents, and
they’re starting to work with her, and she’s starting the process with them.
They’re gonna be a tricky client as well, in that what they want is very
specific, but she’s ready to take it on, and willing and happy… you

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