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Receiving offers on your home. Once we get offers on your
home is when the fun begins. It can be stressful if you
don’t receive the amount of offers you were hoping for, but don’t worry. That is why you hire a good
negotiator like myself. Hi, I’m Latrice Deluna, your local real estate expert and I consider myself a master negotiator. Knowing how to properly negotiate on your behalf is essential, not only to getting you the most amount of money on your home, but also getting you the best terms. Once we receive offers on your home, there are a few essential components that need to be done
prior to meeting with you to discuss the offers. So, we vet all of the buyers by calling the agent and the lender and making sure that the
buyer is truly qualified. We verify funds, ask critical questions about how motivated and in love the buyers are
with your property and so on. During this process we
also are getting to learn about the buyer’s agent and the lender to see how much experience they have, if they’ve properly educated the buyer and given them an idea of exactly what is going to happen next. It also gives us an idea of how compatible the buyer’s agent and lender will be. Believe it or not, the buyer’s agent and lender is just as important to
ensuring the deal will close as the buyer’s qualifications. Now, after vetting the buyer and their realtor and their lender, then we meet with you
to discuss the offers and review the terms. We will give you our
advice on all of the offers in regards to the pros and cons of each, but ultimately you will make the decision as to which offer to
take or what to counter. Now, if we have more than one offer, then there’s another
process that we go through. We give an offer deadline date then we counter all the offers, requesting them to give
their highest and best offer. Once we have those, we meet with you to discuss which one of those offers you will like to counter. Generally, this gives us an opportunity to get a higher price from the buyers and better terms for you because we’re picking from
the cream of the crop, if that makes sense. At this time, the buyers can choose to accept our terms or to counter us back. You have the opportunity then to choose the offer you would
like to take at this time. And again, we will advise you as to the pros and cons of each, but ultimately the decision is up to you. Now, once we come to terms we
are now officially in escrow. Now, watch the next video to understand what happens now and what to expect regarding
timelines, et cetera. Understanding in most cases, if you are dealing with a loan. the average time frame to close on a home is about 30 days, give or take. If you’re dealing with cash, you can close in as little as three days but most realistically
it’s more like seven days. So look out for the next video and if you have any questions, reach out to me. I’m Latrice Deluna, your local real estate expert and as always, I’m happy to help.

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