Real Estate

[ Music ] My name is Lance Shoemaker and I’m
the Department Chair for Real Estate. To represent buyers and sellers of
real estate in return for money, you have to become a salesperson and
so you take the three required classes to become a salesperson. And then, once you pass the state
licensing exam, you are free to work for any broker you want to throughout the state. But the beauty of any real estate license is that there are many different fields
you can go into with real estate. So besides being the typical salesperson that
you see hosting open houses on the weekends, other fields in real estate that you can go
into with a salesperson’s license is you can go into property management,
title insurance, escrow, the mortgage/lending industry,
development, staging. I think what set community colleges apart is
that we try to train you in life skills and sort of job skills after you get your license. So in addition to getting you ready for
the test, one of the things we also try to do is help connect you with real estate
professionals in the area in which you live. And not only does that help the students
understand what a real estate professional’s life is really like, but it
also can help build connections and help them learn about different things. And so faculty are trained and understand
that it’s important that we want to help the students succeed not only
on the test, but also in finding a job and a career that they find satisfying. As students complete this course and
as new licensees in the real estate field, the knowledge they learn in this
course is in very high demand because they can start working right away. Some of the skills that someone should
develop in this business is to be consistent, should be a self-starter, be
creative in their marketing. Here’s why I would go into
the field of real estate. Number one, there will always be a
need for real estate professionals. Number two, it gives you control of your own
destiny and where you want to go with it. And so if you’ve always wanted to be your
own boss, this is a great way to get started. And number three, this training
gives you enormous flexibility in the different kinds of
fields you can go into. There are so many things you can
do with a real estate license. It doesn’t put you into one niche. [ Music ]

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