Real estate video marketing ideas and tips

Buckle up for a big one. Here come our 10 best
real estate video ideas, and our insider’s guide to real estate marketing on social media. (upbeat music) If you’re in real estate, then you know how
important video has become for marketing both homes and your business. In this video I’m gonna help you improve your video marketing with our 10 best real estate video ideas. Most of them are easy to implement, which means you can spend more time on your customers and less time on your marketing. After I’ve given you those, I’m going to explain
how to use your videos more effectively on social media. Right, let’s get on to that top 10. First up, our real estate listing videos, a no brainer, right? But you’d be surprised how many realtors don’t make these because they think they’re expensive. Today, they’re surprisingly easy and cheap to make. All you need is a set of photos of a home, and then turning them into a
high quality video with effects will take you about 15 minutes using the Biteable Video Maker. On to number two, video testimonials. Now the easiest way to make them is with your telephone when
you’re with a customer. The more emotive the moment, the better the video will be. Idea number three is introducing yourself and your team. These are easy to make and are great for building trust. Footage is best, but you can also use images and text. Now make a few of these, and then keep them in your
back pocket for all occasions. Idea number four is live broadcasts. Live videos are perfect
for announcing a sale or a new listing, quickly reviewing a
recently opened business, maybe sharing local news, or hosting a live Q&A with your audience. They’re also really quick to produce because you can just do them off the cuff, often with just your smart phone. Now for number five. 360 degree videos. These are more complicated and expensive to make than a listing video, but they are immersive, which is a big win on social media. Now you’ll need to invest in
hardware to make this possible

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