Real Estate Marketing Tip #1 – Zillow photo quality

Hi I’m Orlando based real estate
photographer Trevor Ward with another marketing tip. More and more homebuyers
are relying on Zillow to help them find a home. Have you ever noticed that the
pictures on Zillow just don’t look that good? That’s because Zillow gets the photos from your MLS listing. The problem with that, is here in Central Florida, MLS photo requirements are very outdated. They only allow you to upload small, highly compressed photos. When Zillow gets these photos from MLS, they then recompress these already pixelated
photos which makes them even worse. But, there is a solution. You or your
homeowner can upload your photos directly to the Zillow listing. Not only
that, you can upload the full resolution images. And if you’re using a
professional photographer like me your images will really stand out and help
you sell the dream of home ownership.

1 thought on “Real Estate Marketing Tip #1 – Zillow photo quality

  1. Trevor you are so right! I just did a Zillow only FSBO for friends, uploaded my hi res photos and added the basic Zillow walkthrough. The house sold 12 days after replacing owners' iphone photos! Views were 4-6x the 20 comps. Realtors in denial…BTW, your work on your website is stunning!

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