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– You are in real estate, what do I recommend you
to get more listings? (upbeat music) First of all, most realtors suck. They don’t know how to sell,
they don’t know how to serve, bunch of people who are lazy. I know a lot of realtors, so you could argue with me all you want. Most realtors show shit, meaning they open the
door, and here’s the house, here’s the kitchen, here’s the bathroom. No skill whatsoever. All they have done is, they’ve studied and got the license, and that is it. And that’s why in any city, you see the top realtors,
the top five percent, ten percent, makes 90% of money, ’cause the rest of 90%
they are just horrible. They don’t deserve to be
in business, quite frankly. They don’t serve their clients, they don’t do their homework,
even meeting the client, no practice, no skills,
just plain laziness. So how do you get more listings? You pick up the phone,
you call expired listings! They can call, you do your marketing! You do your Facebook advertising, and get people to opt in,
you pick up the phone! One of the most important
skills that you need to develop as an agent, as a realtor,
your telephone skill. And yet, most realtors, you
talk to them, oh my goodness. I know, I saw one just a few days ago, unbelievable how bad they are. Over the years I haven’t
seen that many that are good. Handful. The ones that are good,
they are the top producers, they are the top agents in the city. Most are so bad, and also most realtors
are very transactional. Meaning, they close, they
get something, they sell. You never ever hear
from that damn person again. They don’t give a shit,
there’s not follow-up, there are no “How are things?”. It’s like a one night stand. Goodbye, thank you ma’am, right? There’s no relationship being built, then they wonder why they
didn’t get referrals, and yet you ask most realtors, where their business, a bulk
of the business comes from, they would say, from referrals. And the next question is, what are you doing to get
more referrals? Uh, nothing. What are you doing to
stimulate more referrals? Uh uh nothing,
I hope, you pray. You got to learn how to use the telephone. Your telephone is your most
powerful weapon as an agent. You can call, you can deal with inbound, you can qualify, you know
how to set the agenda, how to set up the appointment, how do you close face-to-face, and yet nobody learns how to do that, and that’s why they struggle. Whenever there’s a turn on marketplace, all these weak realtors,
they go out of business. And they deserve to go out of business. They deserve to be out of business. They shouldn’t even be in
business the first place. That’s the way I see it. So getting more listings, your job, you are not in the business of real estate, you’re in the business
of marketing yourself. You’ve got to market yourself,
you have to be well-known, you have to be the go-to person, you have to be known as the 10%, even though you’re not that 10% yet, you better act and talk
and operate like the 10%. And I don’t mean getting a fancy car. I mean your habits, your behaviors, the way you think about things. Can you pick up the phone and call someone and make a connection? Can you do a hundred calls,
can you do 200 calls? Can you do 300 calls, do you
know how to do those outreach? I call that first contact
call, not cold call, fist contact call, do
you know how to do that? Do you know how to do a follow-up call so you set up an appointment, you qualify, how you can find out the need,
find the pain point, why are they buying, why are they selling, why you, what makes you different? Can you handle every single
objection they throw at you? If you don’t, you’re not gonna
go very far in your career. And that’s what I teach. You can watch my free YouTube videos, it is free, watch those things. If you’re serious, you
can take my training, high-ticket closing, I
teach you how to close, I teach you how to do those outreach, I teach you how to handle every single objection
that throws your way, and how to develop some damn confidence. When you talk to people,
you’re not desperate, you’re not needy, you don’t
sound like a slimy salesperson. You sound like an expert. Let’s be more sophisticated. At least you sound intelligent. You gotta train yourself
on how to do that. If you’re serious, click the link below. Take the training, one
listing, it pays for itself. You have to invest in yourself. At the end of the day, the
whole real estate business is about selling yourself. You’re not making anything, you’re not manufacturing anything, you don’t control the product,
it’s someone else’s house. You are the middle person,
all you have is your skill. All you have is your
personal brand, period. If you don’t even know
how to master this skill, and how to do that well, you shouldn’t be a realtor.

41 thoughts on “Real Estate: Get More Listings 📈

  1. Dan, I would love to hear how you use spirituality for sales. Some of the top salespeople out there are spiritual…would love your take.

  2. I'm really glad I saw this video. I'm working on getting my real estate brokerage license and during my break from course work I'm planning on taking the HTC course.

  3. Heyy dan.. I am from india.. I want to start an SMMA.. but dont hve any past experience or testimonial.. How to start it from scratch ?? How to get client

  4. I don't have any idea about real estate,but I'm enjoying listening you. Dan,,,mostly your video,,blow up my mind,,thank you..

  5. Hello guys, I'm looking for an older video of Dan, where he is also talking about realtors and how most of them don't know how to sell etc. I think he was sharing his experience with a realtor who didn't know how to sell. I hope I can find that video. Thanks!

  6. Thanks so much for the awesome video Dan 🔥 This will definitely help me Grow my Business and Become Wealthy!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  7. YEP. You need to learn your customers before trying to sell them. Give them the point to buy. Decide their objections – take away them. I like that point if you try to get attention, smb else try to get attention as well. That’s why it’s important to have your own USP. Stand out from the rest. Don’t try to satisfy all customers. Find your buying persona in order to sell them then trying to get all the attention.

  8. I would never be a real estate agent
    I don't know how to sell
    I don't know how to give you a good service
    I'm not excited with his business of real estate

  9. Hey @Dan I really want to do part time job online but I'm so choosy which to choose so can you recommend the best online job for the students
    Wanting to hear from you Asap✌️

  10. Totally agree. We’re trying to sell our office building. We’ve had it on the market for two months now and had not one single lead. Our realtor is like 80 years old and all he did was put a picture of the outside of our building on the listing website. This guy shouldn’t even be in the business he should be retired!!!!

  11. Please can you do a marketing spot on leasing as I’m really struggling in the UK 🇬🇧 and would really respect your views and opinions on how to attract more landlords to my location. Thx 🙏

  12. Always such great advice. The more I listen the more I learn. If u get a chance check my page and tell me what I'm doing wrong. 👍👍👍

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