Putting Carbon Capture on the Fast Track

What have you heard at least at this year’s conference that makes you hopefully optimistic that IGCC is one of the best ways to go about doing this in the future? Well, one of the key points is that the actual capture part of CO2 from gasification-based systems is well-proven commercially and is in practice widely throughout the world, particularly in China. Capturing carbon dioxide prior to combustion has certain fundamental physical and chemical advantages over post-combustion capture. The equipment is smaller, the driving forces for absorption are much greater. So that’s one of the main reasons why we’re saying that many of the people are so keen to get the demonstration projects of IGCC with capture AND sequestration demonstrated just as soon as we possibly can. How soon are we going to start seeing some of the demonstrations that the public can actually start going in and looking at least the information coming from them. Well, it takes so much longer for anything to get done than you ever realize. I guess the domestic U.S. ones we could perhaps we could be looking at one starting to operate in 2015, 2016. What we’ve got to do is operate the whole thing, coal to Kilowatts and sequester the CO2 continuously, a million tons a year, just as soon as we possibly can. Neville, thank you.

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