Property sales information on NSW Globe – quick guide

Welcome to property sales information on the NSW Globe. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide you with a quick guide for accessing property sales information. You will need to have Google Earth loaded onto your computer. Then you can download NSW Globe from When you open NSW Globe the information screen will launch. Click outside of this screen to close it which also indicates that you agree to the terms and conditions. On the left hand side of the page are the layers for NSW Globe. Click on the minus sign near the Google Earth Primary database and then click on the plus sign near the NSW Globe server icon to expand the LPI layers. Click on the Land Parcel & Property layer, then click on the Property Sales layer. The search bar is located in the top left hand corner of the screen. Ensure that ‘Address / Lot / POI / Property’ is selected, then enter an address in the search bar for example “6 Orion Close, Castle Hill” then hit enter or click the search button. Google Earth will zoom to the location you just searched on. To view the property sales information, click the yellow dollar icon located on the property to launch an information balloon that includes the property’s address, area, the last property sale, a link to a spreadsheet file containing previous sales going back to 2001 for the property and links to spreadsheet files containing previous sales going back 5 years in the street and suburb. When you open up a link, in this case the ‘suburb’ link, it presents a table detailing a series of fields, of particular interest the property address, sale price, sale date , area, indication if the property is strata or non strata and property number. We hope you enjoy exploring NSW property sales information. If you would like further information please refer to the Property Sales Information on NSW Globe user guide located on the Valuer General’s website,

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