Property crisis in Spain. Madrid campsite demonstration./ Nadie sin hogar. activate subtitles.

Pink Post-it: Good afternoon!
Javier: Good afternoon! representative of “Nobody Without a Home”. You’re the person who is lived the longest here at this campsite? No, no I’m not the one who’s been here the longest. There are other people who’ve been here longer than me. But I’ve been here since April, since the middle of April What’s the purpose of being here at this campsite? The purpose is specifically to find a solution so that no one is homeless in Madrid. This is, I mean, even Biblical This is, This is, I mean, even Biblical This is, I mean, even Biblical because in the Mosaic Law, it was considered not allowed for someone to not have a home. That’s in Mosaic Law and that was 4,000 years ago If we’re more modern now and think the opposite, forgive me, but we’re going backward. Why do you think people can’t find housing in Madrid? It’s too expensive, there’s too much speculation too many economic interests. They’re playing with unsafe apartments and things like that There’s no organization, in that sense, of all of these needs. First off, there’s not a way of knowing how many people need apartments but what we do know is that there are a ton of houses out there empty nevertheless, it depends on the government, or it depends on the banks, or it depends on other things I think that to have housing and have no one use it, is stupid Why do you build a house? To inhabit it We have empty houses and people on the streets suffering Also, having people on the streets means problems with your dignity, problems with your health, all kinds of things. Because the streets are a very hostile environment, very hostile. What response have you gotten from the authorities of Madrid? Well, the local government in Madrid has offered housing about 200 homes– the delegate from the local government. The pink Post-it: That s great ! Yes, but it’s not that there should only be housing for those who ask for it we’re talking about a problem that will continue to grow and progress, mathematically and will affect the future a ton a huge, huge number of people . And so we’re not talking about 200 homes, we’re talking about a million, two million We’re talking about the loss of acquisitive power, we’re talking about low-paying jobs, we’re talking about a ton of social problems we’re talking about the lack of employment and even more when the European Union asks us to cut back In terms of the gross national product I don’t understand. How can we? as an economy, a European Union that requires us to be in crisis? It’s stupid So that we can be in crisis—for what? So that they can get us out of a crisis? It’s stupid. Are you currently receiving social aid? for disability I’m on disability for 70% but it’s more like 80% in reality between my heart, bones, arthritis, scoliosis, etc. etc. etc. I have over 80. What message do you have for the authorities? We’ve come to talk to you to learn about the situation. What message would you give to the government, to the young people? What message would you like to convey from Nobody Without a Home? From Nobody Without a Home, I would say that the government should look out more for human rights. Not so much for the paraphernalia of legislation that’s fine, I’m not saying it shouldn’t exist. But let’s be realistic. they’re turning to the right, and when you twist to the Right, They’re leaving out inalienable human rights, and when you twist to the right, it’s not merely an issue about humanity, the divine can intervene there, too. Are there illegal immigrants at this campsite? In this campsite, we have a lot of people. the housing problem is due to immigration? No. not because of immigration. The housing problem is because of the Ministry of Housing, hasn’t foreseen all of the problems that derive from a massive arrival of immigrants; the problems have been caused by a series of attitudes : from the part of real estate agencies, Finca owners, banks, etc. etc. etc. Who manages to house. due to the prices they put on housing, undoubtedly, due to the prices, they put on housing. if we make something that’s necessary inaccessible, obviously, we gonna have a huge problem. a very serious. Thank you so much

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