Our Passion Is Helping People Find or Sell Their Homes

What we enjoy most about being Realtors
is all the people we need and their unique stories. Someone might think about the Real Estate
career and say I want to do it because I love houses. We love houses, too. A lot. This job is about the people. Ninety percent of our work is listening to our
clients and connecting their dreams with a home that truly suits them. The needs of our clients are varied. Maybe they’re downsizing or going to
something new. Or they are going through a difficult
period where they have to sell. Maybe they’re first-time home buyers. Or maybe their family has grown so that
their new home needs space to allow that. Whatever it is, we have a great thrill at our
job seeing someone finally have the space that suits their lifestyle. Wick and Karoline were referred by some good friends of ours who bought a house from them. They told us about their amazing
realtors when we mentioned that we were looking for a home. I went and met them and you-know-what, they’re pretty awesome. Our hope is that the transaction is just the
beginning of the relationship with our clients we love it when clients
call us after they own the house and ask for advice on a kitchen remodel, or contractor referral.
all We really hope to be a resource for
everything house related. One of the great things I think about Karoline
and Wick is their continued commitment to be a part of their community
that they create through their clients it’s really fun that they do these
events and parties and that they invite folks to come back as a an appreciation. they say thank you through things
like you know christmas parties at the
christmas tree farm or wine tasting parties and
and you know they do these things that
really make people feel like it’s a ongoing relationship it wasn’t just this
one house i bought or this one house I sold. Wick and I really enjoy being realtors. And we get a lot of satisfaction out of
helping our clients. We look forward to meeting you.

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