Ohio town splits building in two over property dispute

A small Ohio town chose a Solomon-like solution to a property dispute by splitting a new storage building into two pieces A third of the building was on farmer Brett Galloway’s land, leading to the dispute  Last week, officials in Ruggles Township in rural Ashland County cut down a portion of the building and put up a fence along the property line that now runs through the missing section, Fox 8 Cleveland reported Friday  “I think it’s silly and a bit absurd as you can see,” township resident Joyce Richey told the station  MAN SAYS SOUTH FLORIDA VILLA HE BOUGHT AT GOVERNMENT AUCTION TURNED OUT TO BE A FOOT-WIDE PIECE OF LAND The building was put up to store construction equipment  Ruggles officials offered Galloway money to resolve the matter, which he rejected, the station reported  “That was their offer, just buy the property, not address my damages,” Galloway told the station “Their offer was half of what my damages were.” Trustees referred Fox 8 to the county prosecutor  He said the township wanted to demolish the building but couldn’t knock down the portion on Galloway’s land because he denied crews access  CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP “I don’t know who would think this is a good idea,” Galloway told the station “I can’t use my property and they lost a building.”

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