38 thoughts on “New in Chrome 78: New origin trials, CSS Properties and Values API, and fresher service workers!

  1. The File System API in conjunction with Web Assembly is going to be BIG. See the possibilities, it's like leveraging a series of programs that used to take you through a lot of install steps and configuration that will require no install and can work directly from your browser.

  2. The transcription is wrong at 1:25 – "usually either by adding assembler value" should be "usually either by adding a semver value".

  3. So… you can specify types for CSS variables… with Javascript. If JS is required anyway, why not just use JS to generate the CSS in the first place?

  4. Please give us the "Reopen closed tab" and "close all tabs to the right" shortcuts in the right-click options back.
    It was so convenient, why did you remove it!? 😡😭😡😭☹

  5. I am worried filesystem API will be an issue as security standpoint and hell to work with for antiviruses xD But again that's my limited knowledge. If they are bringing this they must have thought about it too. can't wait to try this out 🙂

  6. Query : I was having doubt that who is the audience of this channel. employee of google who works on chrome development or normal developer but where will he implement all those functionalities. I am new here guide me through. ?

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