New Chinese aircraft carrier ‘six times more powerful’ than existing Liaoning

China has launched its second aircraft carrier…
but the first it has ever built from scratch with homegrown components. It marks the latest milestone in China’s superpower
ambitions to build Asia’s largest naval fleet. Ro Aram has the details. The Type 001A carrier is said to have six
times more military strength than China’s existing Liaoning vessel, which was purchased
from Ukraine and put into commission in the Chinese Navy in 2012. Development of the Type 001A carrier began
in 2013 and construction two years later. It weighs about 50-thousand tons, which is
10-thousand less than its predecessor, but it’s slightly longer with a wider command
platform. It is powered by conventional steam turbines,
which makes it slower than U.S. nuclear-powered carriers, but quicker than the Liaoning. The vessel also houses a ski jump-style deck
for take offs, which experts say is cheaper to run than the catapults used by the U.S.,
but limits the diversity of aircraft on board to smaller fighter jets. The new carrier aims to carry 36 Shenyang
J-15 multi-role fighter jets, which is 12 more than what the Liaoning can carry. After sea trials and the arrival of its full
air complement, the yet-to-be-named carrier is expected to be operational by 2020. Although it still has some way to go to catch
up with American carriers, the new ship is part of Beijing’s bigger plan to build a navy
that is unrivaled in Asia… and another carrier — the Type 002 — is reportedly under construction
in Shanghai. However, these ambitions are rattling neighboring
countries, as they see hidden motives behind China’s naval expansion, which adds to already
high tensions in the region, including the territorial dispute over islands in the South
China Sea. For its part, Beijing insists that its military
maintains a purely defensive posture. Ro Aram, Arirang News.

100 thoughts on “New Chinese aircraft carrier ‘six times more powerful’ than existing Liaoning

  1. It means jobs for Chinese shipyard workers and an impressive navy parade. But in case of war any carrier is an easy target for supersonic missiles, not so efficient for actual defence standards.

  2. Thank god China and Russia are holding the US Empire in check. Go China! Go Russia! Don't let the US Empire overthrow more democratic governments!!!

  3. Unfortunately, these weapons will be used to enforce national chauvinism and bullying. China once had solidarity and fraternal relations with smaller nations, and opposed chauvinism and imperialism. Now it throws its weight around and behaves like an exploiting fascist mongrel. Marx would be disgusted by this bullshit.

  4. China is a dog they are taking the entire south china sea with nothing they lose in enternational court but they still claiming it what big bully

  5. Kind of reminds me of the Soviet Union spending money to keep up with the west. What happened to them? Other Asian nations who have been at odds with China over the centuries need to get together and build carriers to offset China. Japan is ramping back up, little Singapore has done so, so should the others. One or two carriers from each should be enough. This should also include Australia and India.

  6. It is not nuclear powered….can't go 30 years without refueling—the first US Carrier was in 1923 so they are now 96 years and 4 wars behind the US Navy. And the first nuclear powered USS Nimintz was launched in 1962 so the USA Navy is still 75 years behind the USA in nuclear powered fighting ships which with crew training and battle orders from 100 years of carrier operations will take them a while to catch up. BTW: Word is that Japan is building a carrier…

  7. It takes only two Mk48 torpedoes and she will sink. 100 percent…. And China lagged behind other CV operators in the world when it comes to actual use of it in real combat. They lack the experience in air operations from carriers, so to speak. But doesn't mean they can't learn the trade.

  8. Building one is one thing but to actually run carrier operations they will never be able to do it I'm laughing right now it's just a huge Target for everybody else

  9. Chinese like Nazi during WW2 trying to grab all other country's territories. Trying to provoke war with US trying to be a comedian 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. haha they want to catch up with the us??stop imagining china…whats important there is you have military that can defend your country not ambitioning to over power those powerful nations!!!youre so ambitious!!

  11. the time is now for the USA to wipe china of the map why sit back letting them get stronger
    the day will come when they are to strong and they will hit USA 1st with russia

    then again with baby brain trump is the WH china have nothing to worry about

  12. What a GREAT artificial reef it will make! Way to go China! Help re-establish fish stocks you have purged from the oceans of the world!

  13. Of course Chinese building up to war in each and every one of you see it right we here for your eyes it is happening at this very moment China is building up to war

  14. Harbor freight carrier of all bullshit Chinese breakable tools. One time use. They never had experience having a carrier since han dynasty.

    If its Japan, yeah i will believe it.

  15. The first CV carrier entered service in 2012, and the western media liked to constantly call it 'China's only carrier'.

    Last week the first LSH helicopter assault carrier was launched, while in the background the second LSH carrier could be seen in the same shipyard.

    The second series of CV carriers is already under construction (#18 is definitely due to be launched soon and the 4th carrier #19 is likely not far behind).

    So the PLA-N now has 2 full sized CV carriers (65,000 tons and 1050' feet long) with 1 or 2 CV carriers being built.. so 4 CV carriers will be in service within the next 5+ years.

    The slightly smaller LSH helicopter assault carriers (the Type 075 is 830' feet long and 40,000 tons). China has 2 under construction at the moment (9/2010) and at least one more of the same design (075 LSH).

    So the PLA-N has 3-4+ full sized CV carriers in service or being built and at least 2-3+ LSH helicopter carriers being built at the present time.

    So within a few years the Chinese navy will have at least 4 carriers and 3 helicopter carriers (by 2025).

    That's impressive by anyone's standards, and for the people who like to believe that they will be cheap and shoddily designed and built ships, there are many photos of the ships, both inside and out which show the quality of the construction and of the equipment. If the haters still can't accept the reality, the actual cost of each of the ships should convince most people.

  16. And all this while China clings to it's 'Developing Country' status under the UN and WTO. Nuclear power, nuclear weapons, artificial islands, expansion of it's military, tensions with it's neighbours and on and on. Who is fooling who?

  17. "six times more powerful"?Where did that information come from?The chinese?Biggest bunch of liars on the planet.You could sink it with a rock.

  18. Yes, we see it!! But, just because you have a Air Craft Carrier does mean you know how to run it. And here you go trying to tell everyone you know better than America what will work best. There is a reason catapult devices work better. How long has the US Navy had air craft carriers? And how long has China? And China is still trying to get it right!!!!! This new carrier is still having problems getting jets on and off. Go, figure?

  19. A Chinese aircraft carrier? Makes about as much sense as a Chinese pizza.   "Tower this is Ghost Wider Wequesting a Wlyby".

  20. Hahahahahaha wtf. The Liaoning used to be a floating casino. It has no offensive capacity. This is like saying “my new gun will be 6 times stronger than my garden hose!”

  21. China is riding the coat tails of stolen technology, but hopefully our defense contractors are smart enough to have found a way that our military secrets are not floating around on the World Wide Web. If so we are so far out in front of the arms race that if China without cause picked a fight it might be like Gomer Pyle used to say. Surprise Suprise! No one wants that though and hopefully no one means no one!

  22. The ski jump design limits the fuel and weapons loads of aircraft. This carrier is also limited in range since it is not nuclear. Communist China is lying about their stated so called 'defensive nature'. They lied about militarizing their illegally built artificial islands and they continue to lie about everything including fair trade. They are the new Nazi's of the world. Lie, steal, cheat, break promises and corrupt.

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