NeighborhoodLIFT® Program Overview for Realtors and Community Leaders

[Music]>>Everyone is in seek of the dream of homeownership.>>Seeing my family together, having good times in my home is priceless.>>And I am just so grateful. Thinking about it, that help is really what makes the difference. (Music)>>As soon as we go to a market, our local team reaches out to the mayor’s office. They want to let the mayor know that we’re bringing lift to your market.>>To be able to find out that there is somewhere that’s offering assistance was like this breath of fresh air. Like, AH! There might be hope for us. (Music)>>Customers come here and speak with a home mortgage consultant because in order to receive the down payment assistance lift grant, they have to be approved for a first mortgage. On our website, they will receive a What-to-bring sheet. Things like their tax statements, W-2 forms. We want to be able to look at their income and also their assets. Now, that first mortgage does not have to come through Wells Fargo. It can come through another lender, but that other lender does have to be approved by a Neighbor Works nonprofit local affiliate.>>At N eighbor W orks , we truly believe that homeownership is the cornerstone of strong communities.>>We are the organization that will meet with the candidates, determine their eligibility, and process their document.>>They may not receive that first mortgage approval, but they will still go and speak with the down payment assistance counselor and look at different opportunities for them to continue their path of homeownership. (Music)>>While customers are waiting at the lift event, we have various booths and activities, things for hem to do. It’s very family friendly. We welcome the city to have a booth and we also have booths that are managed by other down payment assistance programs local in the community. So the customer can take advantage of the lift down payment assistance grant and layer it to make for a better opportunity for them.>>Neighborhood LIFT definitely works and it’s for the people.>>I’ve got the help that I needed. I’m excited about going and finding my dream home.>>Borrowers who go through our process, get our education and counseling are a third less likely to experience delinquency in the first 24 months of home purchase.>>We educate them on what a realtor’s role is, what a lender’s role is.>>What’s going to be required of them to produce to the realtor. We talk about home insurance, fair housing, home inspection. So we educate them on a wide variety of areas.>>We’re first-time homebuyers, we don’t really know what we’re doing, so it will be really helpful to get to– go to classes.>>It’s been proven that those who have homebuyer education are able to have the skills to keep those homes.>>Once a customer secures a reservation for the lift down payment assistance dollars, they will receive a reservation letter and if after the 60 days the customer does not have a signed purchase contract on a property, those dollars will go back into the pool of funds available for other customers. So the dollars will remain in the community until they’re fully allocated.>>Actually, that exact same weekend, we found this house and so we knew that would kind of give us a little boost. So we were really excited about it.>>Wells Fargo is committed to strengthening communities across the country. So if you hear that the lift event is coming to your market, I encourage you to spread the word, get the word out, encourage customers to come to the lift event to hear about the advantages of homeownership.>>I am so ready to do a happy dance that I am approved, I don’t know what to do! Happy dance! [LAUGHTER]>>It didn’t really click that it was real until just about now [LAUGHTER] (Music)

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