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If you are moving to Arizona, whether it
be Phoenix, Tucson, or the high country, there’s things you need to know about
the state. Including the culture in Arizona. Welcome to my channel I’m Amy
Hayslett I’m a REALTOR in Phoenix Arizona and on my channel I talk about life in
Phoenix and the Phoenix real estate market. So if that’s of interest to you
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get my weekly videos. Now let’s get started on this video. Why are there no
basement homes in Arizona? Alright so maybe there are a few basement homes but
there are not many basement homes that are built in Phoenix and it’s because of
a couple of reasons. Number 1 – here in Phoenix we build homes on a concrete
slab even with the ground. We don’t have a frost line so we don’t have to build
below the frost line. Therefore the incremental cost between the slab and
the basement is going to cost a lot more than it might say in New York where I
grew up. The second thing also has to do with the
cost of building and that is something called caliche. Caliche is a hard clay
like soil and if you hit it when you’re building a pool or a basement the cost
is going to go up up up so it becomes a lot less expensive to build a two-story
in Phoenix with a loft than a basement. But a basement would be so awesome in
the summert ime with the kids out of school and it’s hot outside. It’s just
too much upfront costs so you don’t see a lot of them. Arizona is known as the
Valentine State and that’s because it became the 48th state in the Union on
February 14 1912. Phoenix is currently the state capital
but the territorial capital moved to Phoenix in 1809 from this city which is
pronounced Preskitt not Prescott. If you say Prescott
it’s a dead giveaway that you are not from Arizona.
What’s the swamp cooler? The first building to get air conditioning in
Phoenix was the Westward Ho Hotel in 1929. Heading into the 1930s not many
people could have air-conditioning units because the cost and the sheer size. This
led to the popularity of what’s called evaporative cooling also known as swamp
coolers. Here in Phoenix by the early 1950s nearly 90% of the homes in Phoenix
had swamp coolers. On January 1 of 1960 Del Webb opened its first Sun City
outside of Phoenix. The starting price of a home was $8,500 and air-conditioning
units were an option starting at $600. Here in Phoenix we live
in the desert but it’s not the desert that a lot of people think of. I know
when I came out here in my mind I was picturing sand dunes and something maybe
out of Raiders of the Lost Ark but in fact our desert is quite colorful and
the rest of the state is quite green. In fact 1/4 of the state is forested
with 11.2 million acres of forest. And in Arizona you can actually
snow ski and water-ski in the same day. In fact when I was in college I can
remember a day in the spring where we were driving up to the lake to go
waterskiing and we were passed by a car heading up to the mountains and
Flagstaff to ski, presumably on the same day when there was still snow in the
mountains. Arizona has more parks and national monuments than any other state
in the US and it has more mountains than Switzerland
and more golf courses than Scotland. Arizona historically is considered a
conservative state and you might think of people like Barry Goldwater and John
McCain. However, Arizona is the state that has
had the most female governor’s with four and three were consecutive. So let’s see
if I can remember these. We had Rose Mofford, Jane Hall, Jan Brewer, and Janet
Napolitano. And in Arizona women were granted the right to vote eight years
before National Suffrage. Florida is known as
the Sunshine State but Arizona outshines Florida. Phoenix and Tucson have 85%
sunshine and even Flagstaff up in the north where they get snow gets 266 days
of sunshine a year which is more than many Florida cities. How do you pronounce
that cactus? So that’s pronounced Saguaro. Did you
know that it can take up to a 100 years for a saguaro cactus to grow an
arm? The saguaro cactus only grows in the Sonoran Desert which you’ll find in
southwestern Arizona, southeastern California, and neighboring Mexico.If you
cut down a saguaro cactus you could go to jail for one year. Did you know that
the state flag of Arizona is a depiction of our gorgeous Arizona sunsets? The name
Arizona didn’t come from arid zone. It’s actually a Native American name, Arizonac
which means little spring. Did you know that Arizona has more boats per capita
than any other state in the country? And in fact Arizona once had its own Navy.
they had two boats stationed along the Colorado River for the purpose of
keeping California from encroaching to Arizona. Californians are welcome now and
if any of you are thinking of coming out to buy here you know who to get in touch
with. We don’t spring forward or fall back here in Arizona we skip that whole
daylight savings time which is kind of nice but it can get confusing when
you’re scheduling conference calls and things like that with people in other
states. In Phoenix the predominant material for the exterior of the home is
stucco and we use concrete roof tiles on top of the home. You’ll also find that
the electrical panels are often on the outside of the home because with the
nicer weather, cold and winters don’t affect it and by being on the outside if
there’s an issue where the fire department has to come during a fire
it’s easy for them to turn off the electrical to the home.
Here’s one thing that surprises a lot of new homeowners, the first summer that
they live in Phoenix and that is that the water coming out of the tap is quite
warm. So when it’s 110 plus here in Phoenix your water is getting quite warm
and the newer homes the plumbing comes up through the attic as opposed to in
the foundation and your attics getting warm as well. Don’t expect to cool off
too much if you’ve been out in the heat and you want a cold shower.
this community in the East Valley is pronounced Ahwatukee. This popular spot
in the high country is actually pronounced a few different ways by
people in Arizona Mogollon or Mogollon Rim and this town
where my alma mater of ASU is located it’s not temp or tempa.i It’s Tempe. Now
if you’ve lived in Arizona for a long time you probably are calling our desert
August storms monsoons instead of haboobs but either way they’re really not
as bad as what you’re seeing on TV. But don’t drive through a flooded street
because if you get stuck you’re gonna spend a lot of money. Here in Arizona we
have this thing called a stupid motorist law and if somebody gets stuck in there
they’re gonna be paying all the costs for the rescue to get them and their car
out and it is expensive Another tip about your car is about your car’s
windshield. So when I lived up in Washington State
I covered the state of Washington, northern Idaho, I’d go up to Alaska and I go down
to Oregon. I never had a chipped windshield. When I moved back to Phoenix
I got three chipped windshields which I had to replace twice and a third time
just fix the chip. All within like a year or two. So on our roads in Phoenix we
have a lot of little rocks and what happens is they kick up and they hit
your windshield. So spend the extra money to get windshield coverage and don’t
make the mistake that I made. Texas is known for all of its cowboys but we have
a lot of cowboys here in Arizona as well. In fact we have
the oldest rodeo in “Preskitt” don’t say Prescott and the oldest continuous rodeo
and Payson. And as far as the saying everything is bigger in Texas, one thing
is definitely big here in Arizona and that’s the size of our counties. We have
15 total counties in Arizona and Coconino is the largest one at almost
17,700 square miles. That’s bigger than like the five smallest states in
the United States including number five New Jersey which comes in somewhere
around seventy six hundred square miles. So you could fit like two New Jersey’s
within the county of Coconino and still have a little bit of room left over. So
Arizona is also known for great Mexican food and in fact the chimichanga is said to
have been invented in Arizona. But there’s a question of whether it was in
Tucson or Phoenix depending on who you talk to. But one thing that might
surprise you is that Phoenix is also known as one of the great pizza cities
now and I did a video on that so if you want to know about good pizza in
Phoenix check that out. So those are some interesting facts about Phoenix and
Arizona and some tips if you’re going to be moving to the Phoenix area. So now I
want to know what are some of your tips for moving to Arizona? Did I leave
anything out? Put those in the comments below and I’ll see you on the next video.

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