21 thoughts on “Morris Invest Property Tour This was Voted One of the Best Places To Live in 2019

  1. Been watching alot of your videos. They're great! Currently only 16 but I need to plan for my future its not far away its never to early to start.

  2. Hi Clayton,
    I was wondering if the economy were to take a downturn, how do you think it would effect companies like Lima One Capital, in offering the refinance loans they currently offer? I did some research and the loans are re-sold on Wall street after they issue them as CDO's. I imagine during the 2007 housing crash no institution was interested in buying those CDO's because most of them were junk, so if for example Lima One Capital can't sell the loans, I imagine they wouldn't issue them anymore? What is your take? I understand you probably know as much as I do, but I just want a seasoned investors opinion. I've asked other lenders like Lima One but of course those opinions are biased because they are in the same business. During the last crash I was 10, so I have no experience of investing while the economy is down. My main business is BRRRR'ing properties, but I don't want to for example buy 10 properties, and then the economy goes down, and I can't refi with a private lender, because they don't issue the loans anymore. Thanks

  3. Love your video's,podcast, and blog. I'm hooked. I was wondering if you can do a video about buying condos vs freestanding property. I currently bought a condo lakefront Chicago and was planning to brrrr, but not sure if I am missing out on freestanding benefits.

  4. Great video, thanks. Also, regarding your previous video, "3 Things You Didn't Know About the New Tax Law", I have 2 questions:
    1. I don't have a LLC or corporation, but I'm a sole proprietorship, can I still be able to pay my child 6K a year?
    2. What kind of work must I display, if I get audit?

  5. Something isn’t adding up. You’re selling homes for 40-45k and you spend about 20k to remodel it. So you guys are buying homes for under 20k right? I actually talked to an agent in Indiana and he’s having doubts about you guys too. I usually don’t care about another man’s money but how are you guys even making a profit? If it sounds too good to be true usually it is. I call bullshit.

  6. Clayton, any thoughts on doing a video on the Section 199A Deduction that the IRS just released guidance on? Great article over at the Mad Fientist on it. https://www.madfientist.com/section-199a/

  7. Hi Clayton my name is Matthew Im 24 years old from the los angels California area me and my girlfriend are financing a duplex rental property in a city near by called San Bernardino and was wondering if you have any tips for a young couple like us moving forward?

  8. Where I live solar companies offer solar panels for free on top of your roof. I have zero properties. But I was thinking that it might be a good formula to slap these solar panels on each of your rental houses to lower the electricity cost making your house more appealing to customers willing to pay California's high energy cost. Do you see anything wrong about the strategy? You are not locked into anything by the way. If you can sell the house next owner doesn't want them they'll take them off

  9. I really enjoy watching these videos and I've heard you mention more than once that investing in an area you don't live in can be a good idea. I am struggling to find a C class neighborhood that has an actual economy. Unemployment rates are either extremely high or extremely low and I am priced out of the low rate areas. There are plenty of "houses" but I am looking for something that is close enough to town/jobs that it won't sit vacant for months before finding a tenant. Is it even worth considering a home in another state if you just have one rental property to start? I am trying to factor the mortgage and expenses and a managing company seems to be a little more than what I'd expect to earn myself starting off. Trying to avoid negative cash flow! Any advice? Thanks

  10. Are you involved in this construction/ development? Or simply walking properties for ideas? You mentioned being there all day and walking all those buildings, just curious what your involvement is on these?

  11. I have read there's a flood of ex San Francisco people and business jumping into the state.. hence the shortage of u haul trucks and premium for them in San Francisco

  12. Its funny a place is voted the best place to live than everybody moves there and drive up the real estate prices and the traffic congestion than its not the best place to live anymore.

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