Mind Over Market // Dan’s Daily Dose#296

– Hey, what’s up guys? It is a beautiful day for a run. You can see all the rain behind me. Little under 50 degrees. I just got my last long
run in, long training run, before IRONMAN Florida in about 13 days. And my message in today’s Daily Dose is, no matter what the environment does, no matter what your
surroundings are doing, or your competition is doing, always have the mindset that
you will adapt and overcome. I could have easily
mailed it in, been like, “Yeah, I’m not gonna do this
training, it’s raining,” but that doesn’t build mental toughness. That doesn’t build emotional toughness. That doesn’t build grit
and resilience, right? And I don’t know, on
the day of the IRONMAN, is it going to be stormy? Are there gonna be a lot
of waves in the swim? Is there gonna be a lot
of wind on the bike? Is it gonna be cold and rainy? Is it gonna be hot and dry? Like, I don’t know. So I just need to be
prepared for any environment. The same is true in your business, and that’s my message
in today’s Daily Dose. The market might be bad next month. It might be good next month. You know, the rules of
your MLS might change. Your competition might do this. A low-cost competitor
might enter the market. A luxury competitor
might enter the market. Right? That doesn’t matter. What matters is your mindset. If you decide that no matter what happens, it’s gonna be your market, then that’s what matters. And I know that next year, in 2020, it’s going to be my best year, and if you have that mentality it will happen for you, too, guaranteed. Guaranteed. All right guys, hope you
enjoyed that content. If you did, hit that like button please. Leave me some comments,
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someone that can benefit. I’ll see ya next time.

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