What can I say about the team… I’m just so
lucky to work with such an amazing group of girls. We’re just a bunch of girls
that are having fun. We all have a good sense of humour, so I think you really do
need a sense of humour with property management. I’m an inner nanna. Everything nanna.
I like knitting. I like baking. I like crochet rugs. Something not many people
know about me is I have no sense of smell. A lot of people know I love my country music. So in my downtime I do enjoy
singing as much as my family don’t necessarily enjoy it but but I like to
do it and it’s so it’s good for me. I’m an open book. So there’s not a lot no one
doesn’t know about me. No little surprises. I love to travel and I love to
explore the world and experience different cultures. You’ve got challenging moments. You’re
making decisions and not just for yourself, you’re making decisions for
owners. You’re dealing with tradesman. Every day’s just a new experience. It’s
something to get out of bed for and look forward to going to work. I love it. What I love about my job is dealing with different people. Everyone has different
personalities and challenges in their lives and we can work through them
together. I guess what I’ve learnt in 15 years of property management is that
every investor is different. So it’s important to communicate with your with
your investor on a regular basis, to ensure that you’re aware of what their
dreams are and to help them achieve it. One question I would ask a property manager if your
looking to rent out your property, is what systems they have in place to ensure
your property is going to be looked after and maintained on a regular basis. I’ve learned since
being in property management that you really need a lot of patience.
You really need really good communication skills. But above all you
need to treat people fairly and probably how to be a counsellor as well. So we’re
not just property managers we’re counselors where all sorts of
roles into one. We’re a team of career property managers,
so we all have been in property management for a long time. Knowing that they’re committed
to what they do that that’s a real plus for us. We don’t mind to have a
drink on a Friday afternoon after a hard week. There’s always wine
in the fridge and Tim Tams. Can’t forget the Tim Tams. There’s always a packet of
Tim Tams in the office. Always.

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