Meet Kim Hughes & Company Real Estate Virtual Assistant and Business Strategist

Hi, everybody. My name is Kim hughes and I’d like to give you a little bit of information about my company today We are a real estate virtual assistant firm we offer the services to today’s real estate professionals when they need help with listing management transaction coordination Social Media marketing website development creating systems and procedures for your business and whether it’s with your past clients And you don’t have a good system there to stay in touch with them and keep that relationship Nurtured we come in to] help you develop that particular System as well as a campaign to go with it. It’s very customized around every agent and even though we all have the same goal and that is to be more productive in our everyday life not what not even Not only is it we want to be productive in our personal life But we want to be productive in our professional life so that the two are balanced and what we bring in is that? We’ve kind of take an overview or an analysis if you want Of what’s going on in your business right now, and how we can help you move forward with your goals So if this is something that you may be interested in I’d love for you to visit us at You can also Reach me at Kim And if there’s something specific that you need that we don’t mention let me know we can talk about it See how we can maybe help you but most importantly you take a look and see how you Need help in your business so maybe sit down and and create a list of these are the things that you’re having trouble with or these are your weak areas and This is what I need help with Maybe you need help with your crm program. Just setting it up something that simple we can help you with that. Maybe create a listing or transaction system for you. We can help you create systems as well as we can take that off your hands because of course we all know that transaction management is a vital point of your business But it’s really not one that the agent has to have their hand on at all times. They can let it go and give it to someone that is that is experienceds and very dependable in that area. So kind of think about that and look at my website Make a list like I said of the 5 top Things that you probably feel that you need the most help with and then give us a call or shoot it over to us by Email and let’s get together and talk about it. You Never know, we might be able to develop a great business relationship. And if you don’t need this then maybe you know another agent that would benefit from their services. So I would appreciate if you share and make sure you go to my Facebook business page in LIKE it I look forward to meeting you soon. Thanks. Have a great evening. Bye

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