Mark and Dina Testimonial for Sean Casilli – Panama City Beach, Florida REALTOR®

(peppy indie music) – No! Your car is on fire! He just was, like, flames, right? (laughing) And then he’s like, “Ah!” Jump out of the car. Almost you got the flames. – [Mark] Mark Anderson. – Dina Anderson. – We just bought a place in here, – [Sean] In here? – Bay Point, yeah. – [Woman] Really? – [Sean] Nice spot. – With the help of this gentlemen here. – [Dina] Yep, he helped us a lot. – Well, we were in need of relocating from our previous residence. We needed help to learn
the lay of the land here, and what the possibilities were for us. I was pleasantly surprised
at how well you knew the area, and how quickly you were able to perceive where we would be the happiest. – For me, I think I was very impressed that you offer to send us videos, because we were not
able to come every time to see the places, and I think
that was a very nice thing that I haven’t seen anybody else do, send a video of the
place that you wanna see, you’re not able to be there. Then we hand a really good experience, ’cause I had tried before
selling my house on my own, and then we had a Realtor that has sold twice our homes. So the experience we had with you, the way that you did the whole showing, you were never pushy, you were never trying to get us to do, you guys have to decide, or anything. What was the question? (laughing) – I found you to be a very
patient person with me. When you’re viewing properties, it’s sort of after the
fact, you remember things, or you remember, been told, and forget, and then remember again. And I really appreciate that
you were very patient with me and took the time to impress upon me that this is something important
that you need to answer. I really enjoyed the element of surprise. You didn’t lead us into a home, you know? Like, sort of coaching us
into what we’re getting into? But you said, “Yeah, I
think I have something that you wanna see.” And you kind of just let
it rest until we were able to build on that, the anticipation. I really appreciated that. – Enjoyable, peaceful, refreshing! (giggling) – Refreshing, relaxing. – You were funny, too, when
you sent us the videos. (laughing) That was very cool. (giggling) – Yeah, seriously, I wholly recommend him. He did a great job for us.
– Yeah! – Really appreciate it. One of my friends is
like a world traveler. He’s been to Hawaii so many times. He says, “I cannot believe that this beach is here in the states.” I was like, pinch me, I can’t imagine it.

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