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Would you like to make more money working for yourself and on your own schedule? Something you can start part-time ideally on evenings and weekends? And something that not only you can make great part-time income with but could grow into a lucrative professional career if you wanted? Hi, I’m Mark and you’re about to learn a secret that very few people know about when it comes to generating income working for yourself. A little over 15 years ago like many of us I was up to my eyes in debt. I needed to find some type of work so I can supplement my income. And something ideally that worked around my existing job. I researched everything I could to make extra income. I ended up working local events, being a physical trainer, and even became a server at a restaurant on weekends. Then my friend who worked in the real estate industry as a loan officer said, “Mark, did you know that notary publics who can describe loan documents to someone can make $75 to $200 for an hour-long appointment?” He continued and explained to me that notary publics who go over loan documents with borrowers are called loan signing agents. Needless to say, I immediately sat down with him and picked his brain. I wanted to know everything. How could I do this part-time? And how easy is it really to get loan signing jobs? Then I took it upon myself to pick the brain of every mortgage officer in his office and find out what makes a great loan signing agent? Why exactly do they hire one loan signing agent over another? And when I learned all that I could from the loan officers, I moved on to all the escrow officers. Then I moved on to the real estate agents. I found out that not only was it a great part-time income, but it could be a great full-time income as well. And some people were even able to make over six-figures as a notary public loan signing agent! I then made it my mission to learn as much as I could on how to become a great notary loan signing agent. I learned from every single person that could over many years, and from that, after my years of studying, I saw and learned so much. I was able to create a system. I developed a system to walk a borrower effortlessly through 150 pages of loan documents in less than one hour. I then learned how to walk into any mortgage office or escrow office and get as many loan signing jobs as I wanted. It started as a part-time income but soon exceeded my regular job and turned into a full-time career. And because of my successful system, I now own a loan signing service and do over 3,000 loan closing jobs that pay up to $200 each every year. The things that I learned allow me to get signings whenever I wanted. It was like a super power… essentially business on demand! I learned how to do a loan signing in under 45 minutes so I was truly making over $75 an hour. I learned you need to have zero sales skills to get started getting loan signings. Loan signing agents are found simply by location… yes, that’s it! Just like you pick a gas station… when you need gas the closest gas station almost always gets your business. And like they say in real estate… “location, location, location.” I learned that this is the only business that does zero reference checks or resume checking before they hire anyone for a loan signing job. I learned the exact signing agent databases you need to be registered with in order to get called for signing jobs automatically. I learned that there are companies whose only job is to find loan signing agents to fill preset appointments. You simply answer a text message and you get a loan signing job. I learned loan signing jobs occur around the borrower’s schedule, not the notary signing agent’s schedule. Borrower’s have jobs too and that’s why most loan signing appointments occur on evenings and weekends. Because that’s when the homeowner was all available. I learned that there aren’t any mandatory certifications or degrees required to get started as a loan signing agent, just an active notary public commission and the know-how. The most valuable thing I learned is how to get loan signing jobs. Simply knowing what to do to get jobs can grow a successful notary loan signing agent business. And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you…. the know-how. I will teach you the only two things you need to know to be on your way to making $75, 125, or even $200 for an hour-long signing appointment. The first thing you need to do is know how to walk a borrower through loan documents… step-by-step… page-by-page. I will teach you how to get through a loan signing in 45 minutes or less so you can truly be making great money per hour. I will teach the most commonly made mistakes notary public loan signing agents make and how to avoid them. Secondly, and most importantly I will teach you how to get loan signing agent jobs. I will show you every possible Avenue that I know and use to get thousands of signing jobs each and every year. Remember when I said you get orders by location when you get started? You simply need to learn what loan signing agent databases you need to be registered in. But I even go a step further than that. I’ll also teach you how to get escrow and mortgage officers to choose you for their loan signing appointments so you can get a steady stream of the highest paying loan signing jobs. I will show you how you can make a few extra hundred to over one thousand dollars a month part time. And I’ll even show you the same techniques and strategies that my students have used to make $3,000 $5,000, or even over $10,000 per month. Becoming a loan signing agent could be the answer to the flexible income you have been looking for. So just click on the link below and enter your best email address… come inside… and let me teach you how to make $75 to $200 per hour long appointment as a notary loan signing agent. And just for signing up I’m going to give you my free hour-long master class on how to become a successful notary loan signing agent. Plus my nine step checklist on how you can make great money as a notary loan signing agent for FREE! Join tens of thousands of people that have signed up and learned from my training. So just click on the link below and enter your email and take the first step in learning how to make $75 to $200 per hour long appointment on your own schedule so you can make great money as a notary public loan signing agent!

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