Landing in Ben Gurion (TLV) airport? Essential info from a professional tour guide

Ben Gurion Airport will probably be your first
stop in Israel. If you’re coming to Israel this is probably
where you will start your trip. And in this video I will talk about everything
you need to know about the security, transportation, and all the small things that can make a big
difference. I will start with a big misconception that
many people have. Ben Gurion Airport is not in Tel Aviv, although
the airport code is TLV which stands for Tel Aviv. Ben Gurion Airport is in the middle of Israel:
it’s about 30 kilometres to Tel Aviv, it’s about 20 miles, and 55 kilometres to Jerusalem,
so about 35 miles. So you don’t have to start your trip in Tel
Aviv; you can start in Jerusalem. And by the way, Israel is tiny: if you are
from the US, then Israel is the size of New Jersey; if you are from Germany, Israel is
the size of Hessen; if you are from Great Britain, Israel is the size of Wales. So you can also land in Natbag (TLV) and go south to
the desert, it will take you an hour and a half, or to the Galilee to the north, it will
take you two hours. In English many people call the airport “TLV”
(Tel Aviv Airport), but in Hebrew we call it Natbag, which stands for Ben Gurion Airport. Ben Gurion was our first prime minister. Now Ben Gurion Airport is the main airport
in Israel and I will add that if you say to Israelis Tel Aviv Airport they might think
you mean Sde Dov: Sde Dov is a small airport in Tel Aviv and it is for domestic flights,
especially to Eilat. If you fly in one of the Israeli companies,
so El Al, Up, Arkia and Israir, you will go through security in the airport you are flying
from. It’s basically a couple of minutes’ talk with
security personnel, they ask you about general questions about your trip, where will you
stay, what will you do in Israel. I can understand why people find it strange
that somebody asks them personal questions about their trip, but this is how it is. They ask basically all the people the same
questions, so it’s not that they suspect you. We Israelis are very used to it. Just answer the questions and it’s really
not that big of a deal. I will say that if you fly to Israel to visit
friends, family, or business, then it is always good to have the details of the people that
you are visiting, have their official name and phone number and it usually saves a little
bit of time but again even if you don’t know anyone in Israel, it’s still no problem. Now some people do complain about the security,
that the questions are too personal, and now I will say something that is a little bit
off topic. The Israelis are very very direct, and I think
that Israelis see politeness as something cold, and they ask very very direct. And Israelis will always tell you what they
think, sometimes not so politely. I like it, I like when people say what they
think. Sometimes I think that in Israel there is
no distance between what the Israelis think and what comes out of their mouth: it’s like
they think it, they say it. Sometimes it is annoying that people tell
you what they think about you and your lifestyle even if you don’t want to hear. Once you will land you will go through the
border inspection, now if there is a queue don’t worry, you can always use the free wi-fi
in Ben Gurion Airport. And by the way, I will say that Israel is
the country with the most free open wifi in the world: every café, restaurant, hotel,
even the municipalities in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, there is free wi-fi almost anywhere. Once you get to the border control then your
passport will not be stamped, and this is because some Muslim countries will do problems
if they will see that you visited Israel. So you will get something like this paper
and just remember, it’s very important, you need to save it in your passport until you
fly back, and then afterwards if you visit Muslim countries they will not know that you
visited Israel. After the border inspection you will go to
the hall where you pick up your luggage. Now most people go immediately to take their
luggage but as you go into this hall there is a very good information desk that people
don’t know about it and don’t use it. But it is great: in this information desk
you can get free maps of basically Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and a free map of all of Israel,
and for free, and they can mark where your hotel is or your hostel and it is really helpful
and most people don’t use it; they just go straight and take their luggage and go out. And of course once you go out you cannot go
back in. Once you take the free maps and your luggage
you go out to the welcome hall. It can be a little bit overwhelming, it’s
a big place, and there you will find all the services you will expect: bank ATMs and, by
the way, the Israelis, more like the American system, use a lot credit cards, so if you
have one do bring one. I know the young Europeans don’t have credit
cards, but it is really helpful in Israel. You will find there the car rental companies
and expensive cafés. The next subject is transportation and here
also there are a couple of things that I will say that you won’t find information about
them in English, because some of them are really really new. First of all, of course, you can always hire
a car in the airport and just go. I like to say that the Israelis drive more
like the Italians, not like the Germans, but I usually recommend to people that come to
Israel first to go to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, see these cities and after two, three days
in Jerusalem only then hire a car. But again you can hire a car from the airport. All the big companies that you know are there,
and down below I will leave a link to all the companies that you can find. Now about public transportation: the most
important thing you need to remember is that in Israel there is no public transportation
from Friday afternoon till Saturday night. It is something that is very important and
many tourists forget it. So no trains and no buses from Friday, usually
two hours before sunset, till Saturday, usually three hours after sunset, so sometimes it
is really late at night but there are always taxis. But again the taxis are more expensive on
the weekend. If you want to get to Tel Aviv you can always
take the train. There are two trains every hour and at night
only once every hour, and down here below I will leave the link to the internet site
of the Israeli railways. The important thing you need to know is that
the first station in Tel Aviv (there are four stations), the first station, Tel Aviv HaHagana,
is very close to the central bus station in Tel Aviv, but it is not a good area. It is in the south of Tel Aviv. I don’t recommend going there, at least not
on your first day, and most of the hotels, hostels, the city centre, is at Hashalom,
which is the next station, or Savidor Mercaz (Savidor Centre), which is one station after
Hashalom. So if you do take a train to Tel Aviv, then
again Hashalom or Savidor Centre. If you want to get to Jerusalem there are
a couple of options. First of all there is a bus (number 485) that
leaves every hour from the airport to the central bus station in Jerusalem, which is
in a good location. And over there you also have the light rail
in Jerusalem, so it’s a good place to start. Now in a couple of months (I don’t know when
and probably no one in Israel knows when) there will be a train to Jerusalem, so this
would have been the best option; it would take only twenty minutes from the airport
to Jerusalem. I will just say that there is a line to Jerusalem,
but it is not to the city centre and it does a really huge detour so if you look at the
internet site and you see Jerusalem Malha or Jerusalem Zoo, don’t take this train, and
you will see it’s like an hour and forty-five minutes to get there. At the end of 2018 this new train line should
be open and then it will be the best option to get to Jerusalem. There is another company that runs a service
of sherut taxis. A sherut taxis is basically a ten-seater taxi
and once they get full they go to Jerusalem and they will drop you off at your hostel
or hotel. It costs sixty shekels, something like that. I don’t really like this company: I heard
a lot of complaints from tourists that the drivers couldn’t speak good English and that
they were not really nice. I personally don’t really like this company
but again, I mean, the service is okay: they will take you from the airport to the doorstep
of your hostel or hotel, and sixty shekels is fair, it’s like fifteen euros or so, but
just know that they are not really polite sometimes. If you’re thinking to take a taxi to Jerusalem
or Tel Aviv I have good news for you: the prices just went down in 30%, something that
doesn’t happen often in Israel that the prices go down. But they did there something new and the prices
went down and there are two options: you can or take the taxis, the official taxis of the
airport, or you can use an app called Gett, and again I will leave all the links down
here below. To Tel Aviv it should be around ninety shekels
daytime, and to Jerusalem 170 shekels daytime, and night-time a little bit more. Now there is also the official calculator
that tells you how much should the taxi cost and I will leave the link down here below. People don’t use it and it is great because
then you know what you are about to pay. Now after you’ve seen everything Israel has
to offer: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Negev, the Golan Heights, the Galilee, then you will
probably leave also from Ben Gurion Airport and here there is something that is important
to know: most flights are from Terminal 3, but there is also Terminal 1, usually for
low-cost flights to Europe but always check. By the way if you fly from Terminal 1 and
you got accidentally to Terminal 3, then no worries: there is a free shuttle, but again
it’s always better to know where you are flying from. And I would say come to the airport two and
a half hours before the flight, especially if it is on a weekend, on a Thursday or Friday. And that’s it: your trip in Israel is over. That’s it, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did then please subscribe to my channel. If you have any questions about the airport,
about Israel, then please write all the questions down here below. And if you want to support me then you can
always buy my booklets. I’ve written three booklets about Jerusalem,
Tel Aviv, and the Judaean Desert and they are in German or in English and you can download
them as e-books or buy the hard copy. That’s it; see you in the next video, and
bye for now.

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