kvCORE Platform – How to Build IDX Squeeze Pages – Easy Landing Page Software for Real Estate Agents

in this video I’m gonna share with you a
little bit about the kVcore platform which is a real estate agent website CRM
idx system offers text and email follow-up and so much more and in this
video I want to share how the kVcore platform can be used to build very
simple and very effective idx squeeze pages which don’t require any kind of
coding knowledge or tech savviness to get this setup it’s very simple to do
okay so what we’re gonna do logged in to kVcore go to the lead
engine tab here and we’re going to find the idx squeeze page okay and choose our domain so we use our Hampton Township domain here and click start building now
the beautiful thing with this system is we’re not gonna have to go to great
lengths to create something that will get a person to our site to turn them
into a lead almost instantly with just a couple clicks of their mouse so first
what we can do is we can select a Multi multi property option which would be you
want to promote a list of properties and in this example that’s what I will do
I’m gonna go with a price reduced angle you could also do a single property
promotion if you have a listing you wanna promote their seller squeeze if
you want to do like a valuation for a homeowner or a market report if you’d
like to segment part of your market and share what is happening in their local
market okay but for this example let’s go with multi property and I’m going to
choose Hampton Township as our area could also draw it on the map if you’d
like here listing type maybe I’ll go with single-family and let’s go with
everything that 200,000 and above and for options I’m going to choose reduced
because people are going to be accessing a list of reduced homes and Hampton
Township now my source could be Facebook could be Google could be many other
options this can work on various social media platforms your email marketing you
name it you get a very short URL that you can use to direct them right to your
site works really well we can also add a hashtag and the beautiful thing about
hashtag is that can trigger email and text
automation it can tag a prospect so you know exactly where they came from and
the system will know based on the link they click it will sign that hash tag
once they become a lead in your system so I’m gonna go with the price reduced
Hampton price reduced tag hashtag here let’s see what else I want to do here
you could also go to list of homes that have easy walkability so that’s another
option and there’s all kinds of other options as you see here to build all
kinds of different lists it’s very extensive alright so now that we’ve done
that we’re gonna select generate link and you can get a direct link or a short
link short ways can work well for something like your email directly I
recommend using for something like Facebook or Google where they don’t like
to have redirects especially if you’re using it in and out
okay so just important to remember there and then all I do is I just copy that
link to the clipboard and want to user visits it let’s just show you what that
looks like it’s gonna take them directly to that page functions very similar to a
squeeze page because they’ll see the results right away and after they view
the way I have it set up right now is after two property views they’ll be
asked to create an account you can do it you can set it to one or two I wouldn’t
do anything beyond that because you do want to capture their information as
quickly as possible and make sure they become a lead so you can follow up with
them okay so again this is the kvcore platform that we are using here and
this is something that you can get access to as a part of exp Realty for
only fifty dollars a month or you could go the retail route which is at least
five hundred dollars per month so there’s two different options both can
work great depending on your scenario and you can learn more about those
either who’s going to be links that appear on this video or below it you’re
gonna see a description box where you can get more information you go to client
alchemist com4 slash kvcorp you can get a free demo if you’re thinking about
the retail route if you’d like to learn more about exp Realty which again you
can get access to kvcore system and all this other additional
functionality that I’ve named and Beyond for fifty dollars a month
many additional resources access to Josh and myself we do lead generation
training we can help you to have consistent lead flow coming into your
kvcore system and beyond so if you like to learn more about that there’s a
County link that you can access it’s schedule your appointment with Josh or
myself we’ll be happy to go into more details
about that either way hope you enjoy this video hope you learned something
new about using the kvcore platform and Sierra

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