Is it working๐Ÿ•ต?

Hi, my name is Charles Vander Stelt. I’m a
real estate agent in Northwest Indiana. I work for a brokerage named ‘Listing
leaders’ and I am also the founder of a real estate related website named, go ahead and take a visit to that website, you can see every home for
sale in Northwest Indiana and get some great information about buying or
selling a home. “How do we know if what we’re doing is
working?” I have a tool on my end where I can look at homes that are very very
similar to yours that are also on the market. And I can see how many showings
that they are getting, and I can see how much activity that they are getting. And
if there’s a mismatch, we know that there is a problem. Usually, that problem is
related to price. If people aren’t even coming in to take a look at your home,
there’s a good chance that it’s priced too high. I do like to always look back
make sure that all the pictures look good, the description’s right, we’re not
missing any information. Once we do start getting showings, we’re going to get
feedback from those showings, and I share that with everyone of my listing clients.
Every Tuesday morning I send out a report to every client that has all
types of data in it. And it lets you know how your house is performing compared to
similar homes on the market.

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