100 thoughts on “Hyun Bin sends Son Ye-jin off with a kiss | Crash Landing on You Ep 9 [ENG SUB]

  1. I love the two leads; they are excellent. One of the better dramas recently. I first saw SYJ in ‘A Moment to Remember’ – the first Kdrama that got me hooked. And HB – sigh! No words!

  2. I was literally bawling when i watched this scene 😭 it’s so painful to watch!!! I LOVE THE CHEMISTRY SO MUCH 🥺♥️

  3. Absolutely agree, a single stride defying DMZ borderline for the saddest send off affectionate & deepest kiss for the Captain's lady love! Life goes on apart but their hearts has already been entangled! Thus nobody even the risk of death could break them! My salute to adorable Captain Ri & the beautiful & with great sense of humor, Seri…Really both talented Actors! Kudos to the Team of CLOY for the concept & superb casting! One great fan of CLOY here & forever cheering for my UF( Ultimate Favorite) Actors: Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin. May your tribe increase☺💖

  4. I died several seconds when I watched this scene! everything is on point! emotional, passionate and heartfelt plus the song of Kim Jae Hwan! Daebak!

  5. I am a very long time Netflix subscriber. I don’t watch Korean dramas. Not that I don’t like them. I just don’t like to keep reading subtitles. This is the first Korean drama I like to spend time to watch and reading subtitles in Netflix. What a great story, great actors and actresses, songs, background etc… everyone did a good job 👏

  6. This type of kiss sad I don't know why but this made remember of what's wrong with secretary kim bed scene I'm waiting for a hot kiss and a bed scene omg where is my pure mind I ship them to hard please do it hahahahaha😏😂😭❤

  7. "I didn't fall. I descended". Very true, girl. Angel doesn't fall. Angel descends. He is the one who fell. He fell in love with her.

  8. What the hell was that ? Hyun bin is a good kisser what kind of a shitty director that would waste such talent hiding the freaking kiss what was that angle god damn it !!! Seriously

  9. Between the three kisses they shared I found it hard to feel they really in love. On the borderline, I thought okay…this is it, the kiss that we all waiting for. And than… there's another K-Drama kiss. A lip to lip. We need a more passionate and intense kiss. We want to feel that they build a closer relationship, a sexier gesture and of course…the kiss. Please…next season…gives us the kiss. The kiss

  10. when I first knew that they will do a drama together i was really excited because they are one of my top 3 favorite korean actor and actress. After watching the released episode CLOY story and Hyun Bin-Son Ye Jin chemistry just exceeded my expectation. Never an episode got me bored.

  11. Rewatching this since it’s been so long since the last episode. I just miss them but I’m sure the next episodes will be worth the wait. I watched every behind the scene and it would be good to see the bts of this.

  12. i'm really struggling to see how this drama will have a happy ending 🙁 there's forbidden love, and then there's this drama – he'll endanger so many people if he leaves n korea to be with her

  13. I'm having strong hangover from this series and couple. So what do you do when you're having bad hangovers? You watch another series. And the cycle goes on. 😂😭

  14. Been binge-watching clips of my new favorite drama of all time. Truly nothing can fill the emptiness this series gave me after it ended. I feel so attached to our RiRi Couple.

  15. This has been one of my favorite scene!! I just recently watched CLOY but i could not function so well knowing that it ended already. I am still rewatching though 😭😭😭 I loved them both so much!!! There is something with the way they stare and hold each other. Agh!!! This series is just so good!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  16. They are both good kisser. But the director didn't give justice to the kiss scene. Anyway, dispatch do your job! Dating news with these two please 😍💖

  17. Omg this scene is one of my favorites. I want someone like Captain who do everything to protect his woman with all his life.

  18. I can't get over them. And I end up watching these clips again and again from CLOY…. dang 😭😭😭I miss them so much.. Hoping they will have another kdrama together again…. 😞😞😞#RIRI

  19. so good. i cannot with this drama, i cannot recommend it enough. i've watched almost 80+ dramas now and this was so original and tugs on your heartstrings so hard. perfect, and im so glad. i love you, seri and jeonghyuk. <3

  20. Deymmmm one of my favorite scenes..so heartbreaking but romantic …riri binjin …😭😭😭please be real couple in da future 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. Just look how his face change when she cross the line .. this moment kill me every single time i rewatch this scene 😢 .. such a great actors

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